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Posted: 3/16/2001 11:00:30 AM EDT
I've heard a lot of people saying that Bush is no friend to gun owners, that Bush hasn't done anything for gun owners, and that Bush really isn't that much better than Gore.  After the recent shootings and news coverage I would have to disagree.

Good things for gun owners as a result of Bush.
We now have a strong gun rights Vice President and Attorney General

Gun Control is taboo in Washington.  Only the die-hard anti-gunners dare to mention it.

After the recent shootings the legislators have not mentioned gun control as a solution.

Since the legislators won't talk about it, the media has decided to hammer everyone they talk to about it.

When they hammered Lynn Cheney about gun control while interviewing her about education, she said we need to find out what is causing the kids to do this.

When the media recently interviewed the Secretary of Education he said they need to look past the instrument and find out what is causing all the rage.  He said all the armed guards and metal detectors in the world would not stop these types of incidences.

There is not one single person in the Bush administration who has called for more gun control as the solution to these problems.  I do not even want to imagine what Al Gore and his administration would be doing.  We already know he wants more gun control than Clinton and everyone in Clinton's administration was calling for more gun control after every shooting.

President Bush might not have come out and directly won a war for gun owners.  But all of his actions and all of his administration has backed gun owners 100%.  For those reasons I think Bush is much better than Gore.
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 11:04:55 AM EDT
Thank God for Bush/Cheney!!!
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 11:26:09 AM EDT
The rise with the school gun problem is a direct result of the policies of the Hill/Alwhore administration.  The gun-free school zones and other anti-2nd ammendment laws have promoted the increase in violence.  School shootings over the last 8 years have exceeded the shooting for all prior years.

Now the socialist democRats are blaming the recession(???) on Bush just because he's in office.  The market selloff started in March 2000.
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 11:26:18 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 11:28:27 AM EDT
Yeah, I hear people whining about Bush (mostly people who voted for Harry Browne, I'm guessing) but -

...all you need do is read Gore's book "Earth in the Balance" and you'll realize that if Gore were President (I hate even typing those words) we'd be on a bullet train to Hades.

thus far, I'll give Bush a "C." Gore would get a "Zero" from me.

But I have this sneaking suspicion that Bush is gonna suprise us all. Right now, I think he's providing a moving target for Dems, and they don't know what to do with him. I think he's pulling the old "boiled frog" routine on them.

He's plopped them in a pan of cold water, and he's slowly turning up the heat, and they aren't noticing. But they'll end up boiled just teh same.

I hope I'm right. We'll see. But right now, the man DESERVES the benefit of the doubt.

Just remember -

...if SOME people had their way, we'd have a third term of Clinton.

Link Posted: 3/16/2001 11:34:46 AM EDT
Originally Posted By Garand Shooter:
I haven't seen any of the Cliton anti-gun executive orders repealed or the ATF ordered to re-examine some of the asanine positions they have taken on import laws and such
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Repeal is a fantasy, a pipe dream. You could elect Wayne Lapierre as president and you still wouldnt get a repeal.
So give up on the idea of a repeal, the best you can hope for is a 2004 sunset and no new laws.
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 11:50:10 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 12:00:43 PM EDT
For all intents and purposes gun control is permanent and the only changes that will be made are to make the laws even more restrictive.

Even if Emerson comes back with a 2nd amendment is an individual right ruling, the kommies in the legislature will just come back with more of the same laws. They ignored the supreme court when it ruled that the 1000 foot from school gun ban was unconstitutional by passing another law that does the same thing.
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 12:12:21 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Garand Shooter:
Bush Hasn't done anything for gun owners... the thing is he just hasen't done anything against us yet.

Pro-Gun 100%? Not hardly.. I haven't seen any of the Cliton anti-gun executive orders repealed or the ATF ordered to re-examine some of the asanine positions they have taken on import laws and such.
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Bush has only been in office some 50 days.  What's more important dealing with 5% of the voters who vote on guns or trying to prevent gas from up to $2 a gallon?

You do realize he is only the President not God?  He just finally got around to getting rid of 3 US attornies in New York.  He has a lot more to get rid of.  He's not going to do anything extreamly controversial that will let the Democrats trash him to the public.  He has to take care of his promises to all of the people first, keep the economy going, then he can focus on the smaller issues.

It took Clinton a year and a half to get all of his staff in place.  Bush was set back 2 months because Gore was whining about losing.  The more I see Bush in action the more I realize he has things under control.

If Bush is a 35% pro-gun President, then thank him for that much and ask for more.  If you criticize someone for doing 35% more than the other guy, do you think he will want to do anymore for you?
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 12:40:10 PM EDT
Bush is not interested in gun owners much at all, either.  He is pushing a tax cut, and he can't be bothered by US just yet.  I don't think most people realize the immense amount of crap/work a president is surrounded by.  He has 100s of special interest groups tugging his pant leg.

I hope he turns out better than I originally thought he would be, but I'm not  counting on it.  No laws will be repealed...not even the AW ban.  That is a fantasy.
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 1:30:57 PM EDT
Here's the way I see it.  No laws will be repealled.  And if the Senate and the House does pass any new bills he will sign them.  He will set back being quiet, sell us down the river under the guiese of the will of the people. Or it will get blamed on the democrats, but he will veto nothing.  

He wants a tax cut real bad now and is very out spoken when it comes to people disagreeing with it.  It won't be that way if it is gun legislation.
He will be a quiet as a church mouse.

But, I sure hope I'm wrong!
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 2:15:56 PM EDT
Hey....why don't all you Bush bashers go tell it to some one who gives a f%ck what you think.  

Here is the link [url]http://gwbush.com/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi[/url]  

Go wallow in the grief with people who think like you.    
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 2:19:59 PM EDT
Woo hoo! Someone is gettin kinda ornery!
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 2:25:00 PM EDT
hey sorry to pi$$ in anyones wheaties but between here, AK47net and a couple other gun boards I get sick of hearing it.

Everytime you feel the urge to tell us all how bad Bush is, save that thought and write a letter to your 2 Senators, your rep in congress, and to President Bush himself.  That is how to get laws repealed.  Not sitting at your keyboard bitchin' to the chior so to speak.

So now here we go with 50 replies with excuses about why we don't write letters to those mentioned above.  Let 'em fly, I've heard it all before.
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 2:31:59 PM EDT
Well Bush did sign the concealed carry law here in TX and I was hoping that he might could get one passed nationally.  I think that would be a good idea.  I agree with some who might say he is not as strong as we need but really he is about as good as we can ever hope to really get elected.
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 2:36:13 PM EDT
To add to the above, join the NRA. You may not like everything they say or do, but its still the only one with enough clout to even make a faint impression on congress. If everyone who liked guns would join, there would be so many members they would have to take notice of us
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 4:56:34 PM EDT
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 5:26:06 PM EDT
And I stand by my belief that the only thing Bush has done for gun owners so far is do nothing against us, yet.
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And that makes him 110% better than any of the alternatives I saw put forth in November.  
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 5:38:49 PM EDT
Some good points here.  Guys, we have to face the realistic fact that we will [b]never[/b] get a President in office like we really want.  No Harry Brown's, no Ron Paul's.  It just will never happen.  We have to look at the American public as one large lumbering animal, and specifically what it is fed (media).  The American population is lsowly becoming more conditiond to accept socialism and affirmative action nonsense.  20 years ago the very thought of a politician mentioning "gun registration" would have prompted a hanging.  Today, the public is now listening.  Maybe not ready yet, but the fact that we didn't literally hang Klinton means the liberal mindset is indeed seeping into our very society.

It is unavoidable at this point.

The root of the problem is that 99% of all media outlets (TV, movies, magazines, radio, etc.) are liberal democrat owned and operated.  With the constant bombardment of the liberal agenda, no matter how slight or cryptic it may be, society will become accustomed to what is sees and hears every day.

Unfortunately, in a sorrowful sense, Bush will be very good to us if only becasue he will not be *bad* for us.

Do not mistake my attitude for apathy.  Thos eof you who know me know I am very active in many RKBA projects.  I am known on a first name basis by my City Councilman, State Rep and Congressman - and they [b]know[/b] what I stand for.

There is always talk of a dramatic change of attitude and a "turnaround" but that simply will not happen.  For this to happen it would require an instantaneous education of the population regarding the real menaing of the Constitution.  We all know this will not happen because guess who controls our public schools?...

Hang tough, join the NRA [b]and[/b] the GOA, write call and make yourself a pain in the ass to your Reps - but be sure to spend time TEACHING a friend or neighbor about the truth.

See you on the front line.

Link Posted: 3/16/2001 6:04:11 PM EDT
The Gun Contol Zealots are in retreat.  Several Big-time democrats (including Schumer) have admitted that gun control cost them the White House.  The states of West Virginia (which is a Dem state), Tennessee, and Arkansas are states that the dems have admitted went against Gore because of gun control.  If Al Gore wins just one of those states he wins the presidency.

Notice the silence from the dems about new gun control measures?  Even after another school shooting?   They have been chastened, and no new gun laws are gonna pass for quite a while.
Link Posted: 3/17/2001 2:29:49 AM EDT
One fact for sure, that faggot gwhore was in favor of national handgun registration.

Well mr whore, why stop at handguns?

hci fucks sure don't.

Link Posted: 3/17/2001 2:32:06 AM EDT
I liked it when they tried to get the Sec. of Education to say gun control and he would't say it while I was watching. All he would say about these school shootings was root cause of violence,Just watched news showing # of knives and other things in Birmingham,Al. When I went to school if a boy didn't have a pocket knife something had to be wrong with him.
Link Posted: 3/17/2001 7:07:57 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/17/2001 11:58:38 AM EDT
Bottom line is that Al Ghore sucks and good riddens. We'll have to listen to whining Prick
Gebfart and Tom Dooshball for 4 years. Somebody call them a Waaaaaambulance.

Thank god for Bush/Cheney......
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