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Posted: 9/26/2004 2:15:43 PM EDT
By Devin Brown
Sep 24, 2004, 16:01
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"listen dude," explains David's brother Craig, also widely regarded as a douchebag, "don't pretend this is fun for anyone, your party is on the hook, not off."
NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- In a rare display of defiance, local white boy David McReynolds, 17, refused to play funky music when his racially eclectic group of friends requested it. Experts fear that if word of this radical departure from tradition gets out, it may change the face of homecoming and holiday dances forever.

David, a freelance DJ in the racially diverse suburb, was spinning A Simple Plan records in his garage when three of his friends, John Kim, Dwayne Washington, and Carlos Espinoza demanded he play something a little more crowd pleasing.

“We were just tired of A Simple Plan,” Washington said. “He plays it all the time. Jason, Carlos, and myself were just in the mood for something a little more fun, ya know, funky. But David had a plan of his own.”

According to his friends, McReynolds adamantly refused their collective request for some funk citing "he just wasn’t feeling it".

“I just couldn’t believe it. I know he is a DJ and all, but he completely turned the tables on us,” a stunned Kim recalled. After a brief pause, he confusingly added, “It just isn’t white, man.”

McReynolds was stunned by his friends’ reaction to his musical snub.

“They just don’t understand what it means to be a D.J. I have a responsibility to get in touch with my audience and play music that connects me to them. It just so happens that ASP’s ‘Addicted To You’ helps me bridge that gap.”

McReynolds, who goes by D.J. Tanner because he one day wants to play in front of a full house, continued to defend his decision to trump the funk by citing instances in the past.

“I didn’t hear Dwayne complain when I complied with his ludicrous request to play a song about having hoes in different area codes. I didn’t hear Jason complain when I had my entire audience believing they were turning Japanese. And I sure as hell didn’t hear Carlos complain because . . . well, he doesn’t speaka very big English.”

“Es verdad,” a very forthcoming Espinoza admitted when asked about McReynolds’ accusation.

For now, the three teens remain close with David, but their relationship seems a bit strained. However, Washington feels optimistic about the future of his friendship with David.

“He is a good guy. He just has to stop being so closed-minded sometimes. Hopefully, next time he will recognize that, when we want him to play that funky music he will respond with a more affirmative action.”

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