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Posted: 5/28/2001 2:44:04 PM EDT
Just curious: Let's say you absolutely know for SURE that you will be the "best of the best" in either of these industries. Which one would you choose: 1) 25 year big city cop/veteran, eventually retiring with a reputation known around the country (maybe even the world). Tons of experience in tactics, and SWAT operations; and access to all the fun "toys" available only to LE or military. And you are in constant demand to train and lecture at departments, firearm expos, and miltary bases around the world. 2) Successful businessman in the e-commerce world and internet investments. Within 5 years from now, you have an income of $500k/year. After that 5 years, the income is residual and although you have no access to the fun "toys," you can do all the travelling, hobbies, and family stuff for the rest of your life. To some the answer may be obvious. But I really am curious about what guy's goals and vision of the "perfect" life would be if they had either of these choices. Please be specific, and no "cheesy" answers. thanks, ptp
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The answer is easy - the businessman. If by "fun toys" you're talking about machineguns, supressors, DD's, you can buy and own all the "fun toys" you want if you have the money. The cop is going to have to give up access to all the departmental "fun toys' once he retires - buy them as an individual and you can keep them till the day they plant you in the ground.
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 2:58:04 PM EDT
Assuming restrictions get tighter and tighter, even the wealthiest man can't own Class 3 weapons if it's plain, out illegal. Isn't there something to be said of all that training choice #1 has to offer? I know a lot of non-cops (avoiding the phrase "civilians," since cops are actually civilians as well), who own the most exotic guns, but don't know how to use them worth %$&!. Then there's the quiet officer who everyone respects, and you find out that he's been in 7 shootings, killing 3 suspects, has the tactical intuition of a Rottweiller, and only owns 2 guns. Just my opinion... ptp
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Originally Posted By Garand Shooter: Actually, the best folks I know are not cops, 99% of the cops I know can't shoot worth a damm. Check out the different competative bodies and see how many of the top shooters are cops... very, very few.
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So true.
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PTP - Here's the part you're missing: with enough money, you can buy your way into the business and get your hands on anything you want. Look at Mike Dillon - he's making miniguns for export. Manufacturers like Gemtech can get their hands on anything - FN P90's to the newest HK stuff - because they're in the business of making supressors and supressor R&D. Not that these guys aren't doing bonafide business - they ARE - but it means there is some mechanisim in the law by which a person can possess such devices and restricted items. The point is, there will always be a loophole... and you can exploit it if you have the money and the desire. And as far as training goes, with enough money, you can buy that too.
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I would choose the rich business man, because I would have a lot of money and if I really wanted cool guns I could go to another country with no gun laws and buy whatever tickled my fancy!
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#2: becouse #1 having guns as his job would never get alot of time to enjoy his "toys" and when fun becomes work it isnt fun
Link Posted: 5/28/2001 7:56:12 PM EDT
#2. As cold as it sounds, if it exists and you have the money, you can buy it. Like Morgan Freeman said in "Seven", "'Legal or illegal'...these terms don't apply here". I've no doubt there are serious hard-core types who've decided to stockpile the tools they see fit to protect themselves and loved ones during bad times, putting that ahead of "law". But that's a whole other thread...
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