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Posted: 6/5/2001 2:28:39 PM EDT
I have been considering getting a ZM-weapons non-pistol grip for my AR. It's basically a $45 plastic hook. They say this has an ATF letter of approval, and allows a post-ban gun to have their folding stock on it. (with no other evil items) Well, a folding stock may be interesting, but I think I'd would rather have a flash suppressor. So here's the question of the day..... I know an A2 compensator/flash suppressor is considered BOTH a flash suppressor and a grenade launcher. So what about the "phantom" type suppressors? I've heard that the Vortex are great, but I want to have my barrel chopped down to 14.5 and have this thing permanently attached, so durability is a BIG issue, and I've heard the Vortex's tongs can break off....NOT a good thing. Thanks for any help!! Sean
Link Posted: 6/5/2001 9:15:24 PM EDT
i dont understand. where did you learn that the compensator is also a grenade launcher? what kind of grenade fits in it, how does it fire and why didnt they tell me that in the marines instead of having me figure out the m203? im at a total loss, please clear me up and then maybe i/we can help.
Link Posted: 6/5/2001 9:24:34 PM EDT
Tex78: A standard phantom and a standard vortex are both 22mm muzzle devices, and would also qualify as grenade launchers. You could weld a tab or tabs to the muzzle device so that a slipover rifle grenade would no longer fit, though. Let us know how that non-pistol grip works! Pompey: Any NATO standard 22mm muzzle device is a grenade launcher according to the ATF, thanks to the existence of slipover shoot-through and bullet-trap rifle grenades. They're not standard issue in the US, but they're out there, so the ATF penalizes 22mm muzzle devices. If you do a web search on rifle grenades, you should quickly find websites detailing a number of NATO standard slipover grenades. [url]http://www.yugoimport.co.yu/products/rifle_grenades.html[/url] is one such maker.
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