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Posted: 9/13/2004 5:49:58 AM EDT
I was wondering where to find the Mini 14 factory 20/30 round magazines for $25.00 NIB? [not that it helps me out in NYS]
What about thoses LEO priced Glock mags?

If one in a non-slave state can get NIB high cap. mags, maybe the prebaned mags will come down in price for us slave state people to buy.

Here is a thought. If these previously LEO magazines are now not being required to be marked LEO/GOV'T use only anymore, who is to know if they are preban or not?
I believe some Beta magazines are being sold unmarked now. What if I being in NYS buy a Glock 17 high cap. magazine from someone on the EE or Gunbroker.com with no markings on it for $20.00 NIW?
Now I know a NIW Glock high cap preban magazine would cost around $70.00. Would I be breaking my NYS law which mirrows the old Federal law?
Could this be a loop hole for use slave state prisoners to get high cap magazines at LEO or no ban prices?
I'm hoping yes.
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