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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/12/2001 7:22:20 AM EST
How do you respond in a reasonable way without giving them smart-aleck answers. I am looking for solid rebuttals because this is going to be a topic that will surely come up in the coming weeks. In fact I have a blacksmithing demo soon where I bring my Pa. Longrifle and Brown Bess Musket and explain the importance of these guns during our American Revolution. Since yesterdays events I am going to put my AR on display and try to explain the need for these kinds of weapons today. And no, I am not going off half-cocked because of these attacks. People listen and retain when a person can articulate in a clear and mature way what they fail to understand. It takes this kind of event to get peoples attention unfortunately. Thanx, Allen
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 7:50:24 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 7:50:28 AM EST
Such rifles are some of the best self defense arms you can get, especially in times of civil unrest. Look at the LA riots - multiple threats at multiple ranges. An AW would have been the perfect weapon to defend yourself there. Not to mention the visual deterrent that such arms present. Just the sight of it would send most bad guys packing. You can also shoot AWs much more accurately in tense situations without near as many hours of practice as most people need with a handgun, and your range is better (handguns are great for concealed carry defense situations, but I would rather have an AW in my hands in times of civil unrest). If they tell you that a shotgun is better, tell them that most people don't like the recoil of the shotgun and explain to them that without some training and knowledge the shotgun is difficult to use. Not to mention the fact that it is a point blank range weapon in most cases (only good out to around 100 yards, with slugs in a smoothebore). Using buckshot beyond 25 yards significantly increases the chance of an innocent bystander or something else that you don't want to get hit (gas lines, etc.) to be hit. You can also fire a few warning shots with a AW (provided you have a high -cap mag) without using up too much of your ammo if you think that scaring the bad guy away is a better alternative for you (sorry - trying to think like a liberal). Simply put, AWs are a great weapon for people who want a good, dependable weapon for defense and don't want to or don't have time to practice that often. I hope that some of these rambling thoughts help. Good luck.
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 8:04:55 AM EST
Don't forget to explain the true definition of "assault rifle" and how people who want to take away our ability to defend ourselves vilify objects by using scary words. Explain to the urbanites that there are millions of people in this country who live in rural isolated communities and when there is trouble help is a long way off. Explain that the elderly and disabled should have a means to defend themselves from predatory criminals. Explain that the 2nd amendment guarantees that the other 9 can be preserved. Explain that the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting and everything to do with preserving freedom and liberty. Explain to these people that the AR-15 is the modern Pennsylvania rifle. It's good for taking game and defense of life and liberty.
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 8:06:52 AM EST
Sport Utility Rifles are necessary to fulfill your duty as a member of the unorganized well regulate militia. If the United States is ever threatened by its enemies foreign or domestic and the government is unable to protect its citizens, the government has to right to call citizens forth to protect the constitution. As a loyal American Citizen with a Sport Utility Rife, you can answer the call. Your SUR is of common military caliber (hence well regulated) and makes you capable of providing defense for us all. If you get the "That could never happen here", give a couple of examples: 1. 50 years ago, no one though we could possible be required to pay 50% of our income in taxes (Federal, State, Local). 2. Two days ago, no one though that we could be simultaneously attacked in multiple states by terrorists causing thousands of AMERICAN casualties. Just an off the cuff answer.
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 8:19:14 AM EST
Thanks guys. I was hoping for answers like these. And I did only use the "AW" term because thats how it starts with ignorant folks. I do like the "SUR" term and use it any chance I can. You know, I demonstrate in the blacksmith shop at the Daniel Boone Homestead (State Park) occasionally and rub elbows with folks from Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. Many are scared of my blackpowder guns and those are opportunites to have them see guns and gunowners from a different viewpoint. You should see the smiles I get when they actually realize that they can hold and admire (only I can fondle my guns) them with out someone being shot. Yeah, some really think it takes just a touch to make a gun kill someone. It must be the propaganda. sigh... Anyways, maybe the curator (he's a progressive thinker) will let me bring my SUR to illustrate the differences between then and now, which aren't many. Thanx, Allen
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