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Posted: 4/5/2001 3:52:02 AM EDT
activity, para-military extremist and anti-government activity, are they right, or are they Anti-American commie swill themselves.


Keep in mind when you answer this, that the group that was attacked, is engaged in lawful militia activity only as defined in (Perpich, Gov. State of Minnesota vs. DOD 1990),

This group is confronting rogue government officials, their employees and agents, who would deny lawful militia activity, and yes deny the right of lawful firearms ownership among other things, (this effects you does it not?), by denying the power of the constitution of the United States of America. There is nothing para-military* about this group, nor are they anti-government, lawful government that is!

Para-military* According to the Florida Constitutional tracing tables, is the para-military wing of a local governemt body, meaning police!

In spite of personal views, and what you have been lead to believe by scumbag media, militias are the only defense the people themselves have to defend against an arbitrary form of government, that is a government that is arbitrary to the constitution.

Keep all the A-hole ideas of what the media has painted the milita, out of this, deal in facts, if you are apposed to lawful militia!
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