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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/28/2001 1:18:32 PM EST
In 1977 California resident Cameron Hooker abducted a young hitchiker named Colleen Stan who he later brainwashed into becoming his sex slave for a duration of seven years. The bizarre thing about this case is not the fact that it happened, for readers of true crime are jaded to such human savagery, but the fact that Ms Stan was so sucessfully mindfucked that for a duration of seven years she would work an outside job and return to the home of her captor where she would sleep in a coffin size box below the bed of her captor and his wife. It seems Mr Hooker had manipulated the young lady to such a degree that she actually believed that her captor was the head of a white slavery ring, and were she to seek help from the authorities she would be killed at once, for they had all been paid off. One of the props used to keep his young captive in line was a bogus slavery contact which detailed the right of Mr Hooker to use and abuse her as he saw fit. What follows is the actual contact printed in its entirety. I offer it up this evening as part of a dark historical curiosity and just in case any of you have the balls of brass to slip a few of these terms and conditions into your wedding vows someday.
Link Posted: 6/28/2001 1:19:17 PM EST
THIS INDENTURE Made the 25 may of January In the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy Eight. BETWEEN: Colleen Stan (Hereafer known as Slave) AND: Michael Powers (Hereafter Known as Master) WITNESSETH: That Slave, for and in consideration and in humble appreciation of such care and attention as Master may choose to afford her, has given, granted, aliened, enfeoffed and conveyed, and by these Presents does give, grant, alien, enfeoff and convey unto Master: All of slave's body. and each and every part thereof without reservation, every bit of her will as to all matter of things, and the entirety of her soul. TOGETHER with. all and singular, every priviliege, advantage and appurtenanne to the same belonging of or in anywine appertaining: ALSO all of the estate, right, title, interest, property, claims, ego and of Slave is, of and to the same in, of and to every part and parcel thereof: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD, all and singular, the above-described body, will, soul and premiums with all appartennces thereof, unto Master and to any he assigns forever. AND the said Slave does covenant, promise and agree: 1.She shall immediately, diligently and enthusiastically comply with and submit her full being to any and all directions or Desires of Master or His assigns which he or they may express by word, signal, taction or and other means. 2.She shall at all times afford Master absolute respect, shall address him only as "Sir" or "Master," shall station herself in a physical position subordinate to his whenever possible, and shall speak to or otherwise distract him only when granted his permission.
Link Posted: 6/28/2001 1:19:54 PM EST
3.She shall constantly maintain her female body parts in such circomstances as will demonstrate and ensure that they are fully open to him. In particular, she shall never cross her legs in his presence, shall wear no undergarments at any time, and she shall cover no part of her body with apparel or material of any decription except when the act of doing so and the design of the item are expressly approved by him 4.she shall preserve her female body parts for the exclusive use by Him and his assigns, which use shall be the sole source of her pleasures,and she shall engage in no self-gratification nor any other physical contact with others. AND Slave does hereby irrevokavbly declare and acknowledge her everlasting unconditional dedication to serving Master to His Full satisfaction; AND she ashamedly confessed that prior indulgence of her untempered conduct by others may have permitted her to become with inferior habits that may prove unsatisfactory to Master, from which imperfections she implores Master to free her by retraining with corporal punishment or any other means which He, in his unquestionable wisdom, deems efective in directing her toward her sole ambition and life destiny of perfectly fulfilling His every desire for her. IN WITNESS THEREOF, Slave has herunto set her hand, and Master has designed to Seal these Presents by permanently affixing His Collar about her neck, on the date first above written. Signed by Slave, whose collar was sealed and who was delivered unto master on the date above mentioned in the presence of: (signatures follow) Colleen Stan (Forever Slave) James Powers (Witness)
Link Posted: 6/28/2001 1:29:17 PM EST
I hate to break the news to you, but this world is full of women who voluntarily sign such agreements. I highly doubt that she was abducted at all.
Link Posted: 6/28/2001 3:11:24 PM EST
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