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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/31/2001 4:41:58 PM EST
I hate slow people!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I HATE SLOW PEOPLE! I tell'n you guys I will stop a guy for go'n to slow soooo fast. I'm I thew only one that thinks this way or do you guys back me up on this?[;)]
Link Posted: 8/31/2001 4:43:22 PM EST
stop them. if they are on a cell fone, SHOOT THEM!
Link Posted: 8/31/2001 4:44:54 PM EST
Ok you got it,but can I print this and show my CO if he asks why?
Link Posted: 8/31/2001 4:52:09 PM EST
That's one of the "Profiles" of a drunk driver.
Link Posted: 8/31/2001 4:52:38 PM EST
WOW!!!!! A little power hungry are we?? Imean really, giving someone a ticket just because they piss you off? Hopre you don't plan on being a cop in my town. sgtar15
Link Posted: 8/31/2001 4:54:09 PM EST
sgtar15< sooooooo your the guy. Stop holding ever one up man[;D]
Link Posted: 8/31/2001 5:03:26 PM EST
If he is driving tooo slow,it's probably the posted speed limit.As long as he's not in the fast lane or weaving,let em ride man!
Link Posted: 8/31/2001 5:18:33 PM EST
Originally Posted By a2car: sgtar15< sooooooo your the guy. Stop holding ever one up man[;D]
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ROTFLMAO[:D] Yea, that's me. And BTW, I also have a tendancy to roll threw stop signs[;)] sgtar15
Link Posted: 8/31/2001 6:29:08 PM EST
What is so wrong about going slow? I go slow in the slow lane because my truck will only do 55 with the pedal to the floor. My problem is with people who weave and cut me off, as my truck don't stop too quick either.
Link Posted: 8/31/2001 10:07:34 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 5:05:12 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 5:15:44 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 5:41:10 AM EST
"I hate slow people!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I HATE SLOW PEOPLE! I tell'n you guys I will stop a guy for go'n to slow soooo fast. I'm I thew only one that thinks this way or do you guys back me up on this?" by a2car You may be a moron. You may be even worse. You live in FL, the retirement capital of the world and "golly gee" you have a problem with slow drivers. Where the hell were you when they were handing out IQ pills??? Now you're gonna abuse these elderly people for driving at a safe speed for their personal reaction time. Get a grip. It's time you move to another state. Or better yet, find a large brick building and run as fast as you can into the wall over and over again. This should fix your problem.
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 5:41:42 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 5:50:31 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/1/2001 5:52:53 AM EST by SeattleJoe]
I don't believe when they "created" "slower traffic keep right" law they intended people drive faster than posted speed limit if you are in the right lane. The other day I was on car pool lane which is usually the far left in this area, this guy was right on my butt even though I was going 15 over speed limit. Typically, I will move over for faster traffic but it was getting very annoing. I can deal with slow people but I can't stand those punk asses weaving in and out of traffic as if they are some sort of race car drivers. Idiots!!
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 5:52:40 AM EST
Now you're gonna abuse these elderly people for driving at a safe speed for their personal reaction time.
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If their reaction times are that slow, they shouldn't be driving. It's a fact that slow drivers [b]cause[/b] accidents because everyone else has to slow down for them, creating the accordion effect. Anyone who's not able to or doesn't maintain the same speed as the rest of the traffic is obstructing the flow of traffic, and in most places I've been that's a ticketable offense. Maintain the flow of traffic by keeping pace with traffic, do at least the minimum speed limit (on interstates), or stay off the road.
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 6:06:17 AM EST
The word "slow" is all relative. No one has really said how slow they were talking about. I agree with your statement NH2112 but I think this a2car dude is just inconvenienced by people who slow him down. And my point was that he picked a hell of a state to complain about slow drivers, especilly the west coast of FL. Plus, he sounds like he wants to terrorize them. That's just ridiculous. I was mostly joking around about the Fl thing but I've driven there. It is a real problem but what can you expect. LOL
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 6:13:32 AM EST
I was in Florida this year. Coming from NJ the drivers down there are out of control.I was talking to a deputy and we were joking about it. I said I could not work there I would be writing 24/7. In NJ we ticket aggressive drivers.....that's a laugh. But there is a lack of enforcement... it is called going with the flow. And with you it will be doggie duty when you ticket all those old people amd give them an attitude. The are a very important vote sorce to any mayor. Get used tto the politics.
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 8:16:34 AM EST
What is wrong with slow or fast as long as you are safe. Some can drive safe at 90 and some can be dangerous at 25.
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 9:30:01 AM EST
retrodog, get real chump. There are not that meny old people fl thats like if I siad you must live on a ranch cuz your from TX.[:E] #1 it was a joke the poeple that have had there"IQ PILLS" know that #2 I have been to TX and you can't fool me boy! your one of the slow ones thats way your mad! LOL[:D]
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 9:35:57 AM EST
Originally Posted By a2car: I hate slow people!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I HATE SLOW PEOPLE! I tell'n you guys I will stop a guy for go'n to slow soooo fast. I'm I thew only one that thinks this way or do you guys back me up on this?[;)]
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Whats a "poeple"
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 9:45:29 AM EST
One more thing,you guys want to know what "slow" is? It is relative if some one in back of you is at a hither speed that you get the hell over! It is not up to you to make every one stay at the speed limit it's just up to you to move out of there way if up the read he gets stoped then BFD it's not your prob. If you have a lot of cars jamed going the same speed that is more unsave than moving over and leting the fast guy by and spreading out. Any way it's allways the slow guy that gets in the way and trys to hole up some one he thinks is driving to fast that gets shot, I just want to help save slow people[:D]
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 10:50:00 AM EST
a2car, You're half right. I have a ranch but it's up in Okieville. But I don't drive slow, at least not when I'm in either my vette or stang gt. Nice try tho. They said that you were a witty guy and I told them that they were half right. ROTFLMAO... Just giving you some $^it. No hard feelers.
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 3:50:02 PM EST
Whats a "poeple"? dude I don't know I siad people.LOL retrodog, say what? why do you have stang[:(] if you have a Vette? Are you nuts what year is the Vette? Ypou may not suck after all[8D]
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 4:04:01 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 4:30:17 PM EST
A2, you are going to get the brunt of this but lately this is just pissing me off all over the boards. Go ahead and right the F'in ticket. With your grammar and even worse your spelling your tickets are gong to get tossed by the Traffic Court 'cuz u can't evn spell' assuming they hire you. Grrrrrrrr! [>:/] RANT - My God, just take 2 seconds to proofread your posts zippy. No wonder people can pop in here and think gun owners are just trailer trash. Grrrrrrrr! Again! Zaz PS, normally I am a nice guy. [;)]
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 4:34:05 PM EST
Aboot two years ago the state police in Colorado decided to stop people that were going too slow in the left lane and warn them that they were blocking traffic. I don't l;ive out there, but I used to spend 1 week/moth there for my former employer. What was really funny was that the police taped the encounters that they had with people who were pacing traffic in the left lane. Almost every one of them thought it was their civic duty to slow down people who werer driving faster than they were because obviously, if they didn't want to drive that fast it must be unsafe. They were all also suroprised to learn that it was a traffic offense to drive in the left lane at the same speed as the car next to you on the right. Apparently the concept of "passing lane" was one they had never mastered. The local news showed these tapes for a couple of sdays, then I never heard of the traffic program again
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 4:37:02 PM EST
Wat da fuk du yuo meen i ca'nt spel? Bla bla bla proof read I know![BD]
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 4:42:12 PM EST
DavidC, OMG thats so damn funny! "blocking traffic" this is some thing most just don't get. How is it better to be an ass that gos to slow or an ass that gos to fast?
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 5:32:29 PM EST
A2car please do. I will apreciate it. I completely understand if someone only wants to drive the speed limit. I have a serious problem with anyone who drives below the speed limit or anyone who doesn't get out of the passing lane. I drive over 100 miles a day to get to work and back. I don't need some piece of SH!T thinking its their responsibility to slow me down. If you do, don't get mad at me when I make it my responsibility to try to scare the living H#ll out of you. If you are in my way I WILL pass on the right. I wish everyone would just drive and not try to be everyones keeper. Those who slow people down are no better than liberals. You are forcing your beliefs on others. If everyone just left everyone else alone the world would be a better place. Freedom applies to driving style too.
Link Posted: 9/1/2001 10:28:10 PM EST
I seriously get pissed off when some stupid old person is going under the speed limit. I usually go 4 or 5 over, but when people go 4 or 5 under, it just plain pisses me off. I mean I don't get why they are going so slow. And the sad thing is, it's not ALWAYS old people. Either way if you are in front of me, and are going UNDER the speed limit, I will ride your ass all the way home. Sometimes it will get the person to speed up at least. I've had to pass on the right lane of the highway before too. I was behind some lady for about a mile that was goin 60 in the left lane. I got tired of waiting for her to move over so I passed her on the right. And of course, THEN she moved over, and flashed her brights at me!! Ahhhh! Some people are just stupid!! Know what I mean?! [:(!] Snake
Link Posted: 9/2/2001 7:11:49 AM EST
"Those who slow people down are no better than liberals" YES YES YES SOME ONE GET THE DAMN POINT!!!!!!!!! snake910, Look man don't tell any one but I can tell you people have a really funny look on there face if you pass them in the grass[:D]
Link Posted: 9/2/2001 8:13:13 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/2/2001 8:30:16 AM EST
I'd like to know what the definitions of "Too Slow", and "Too Fast" are.. I stil get confused when I'm doing ten over in a 62 Unimog, and people still insist on passing.. So, they think 50 in a 30 is fine? The problems I have don not involve speed, but inattention.. Drive 5 under.. I have time.. But if you're doing this while gabbing on that permanently attached cell phone, or rooting for something on the floor,look for the large green vehicle to pass you. The "Speed Racers" are a mystery too.. Is getting to that next damned stop that important that you'll risk rear ending a three ton truck? I've seen what happens when even a big SUV hits something like a pole, house, or a REAL truck. You loose. And what the hell is it with the jacked up 4WD trucks going 90 MPH? Hello!? Those Dickie Cepek , or Interco Swampers tend to do odd things at those speeds.. Like violently come apart.. Maybe I'll buy a Daimler Ferret scout car next.. The Benz is'nt intimidating enough.. Drive fast, drive slow, I don't care.. Just keep your head out of your ass.. Meplat
Link Posted: 9/2/2001 8:54:01 AM EST
"The "Speed Racers" are a mystery too.. Is getting to that next damned stop that important that you'll risk rear ending a three ton truck?" Well some times it's better to stop at the light and then pass a slow car or some times it's better to be passed to slow car when the light turns green so you can have fresh start. "I've seen what happens when even a big SUV hits something like a pole, house, or a REAL truck. You loose." You drive a Semi don't you? ha ha ha ha kings of all slowness [:P] don't get mad dude it's all in fun. But really take the back reads[:|]
Link Posted: 9/2/2001 9:04:29 AM EST
A2- No, it's a 1.5 ton 4WD Mercedes from the 1960's And I DO take the back roads..I'd have to be feeling seriously masochistic to drive on the main drags around here during rush hour in a Unimog.. No, I'm a mechanic by trade.. MB Unimogs, and Steyr Daimler Puch Pinzgauers, mostly.. Occasionally a lump of U.S. surplus comes in the shop.. And I don't get mad. I get beer.. Meplat
Link Posted: 9/2/2001 9:29:45 AM EST
Originally Posted By Troy: I have no problem with people going slow in the right-hand lane. I have a BIG problem with people doing 1-under in the #1 (left) lane, or pacing the person in the #2 lane for miles. "Slower Traffic Keep Right" is also the law. People with no lane discipline are a major cause of accidents, as they force people to pass on the right. -Troy
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AMEN!!!! My sentiments EXACTLY. People fail to consider the fact that passing someone from a blind spot (right and rear) is dangerous and highly unadvisable...not to mention that lack of "lane discipline" (i.e. driving/crawling/pacing in the passing lane when lanes to the right are available) is a $100.00 surchargeable gig in the state in which I reside. It's especially annoying/dangerous when one commits this infraction while pacing a tractor trailor unit.
Link Posted: 9/2/2001 9:43:10 AM EST
The best is trying to merge onto a MAJOR highway from an onramp behind some genius going 25-35 MPH....What goes through some people's minds????
Link Posted: 9/2/2001 1:14:03 PM EST
Originally posted by striker _______________________________________________ My one piece of advice to all of you. Don't come to Atlantic Canada if you don't like slow drivers and idiots that do 3 miles an hour under the speed limit in the left hand (passing) lane. We only have 2 lane highways for the most part here with stretches that are 3 lane. At least they divided the highway. A few years ago it was single lane in both directions. Try and pass a string of 10 or more cars when you have 18 wheelers coming the other way. You guys would have gone postal driving up here. ______________________________________________ I live in Atlantic Canada also(Nova Scotia) and since I just got by beginners license last month I find the roads very forgiving because of the generally sensible driving population.
Link Posted: 9/2/2001 1:33:51 PM EST
Geez. Get off the guy already. If the "slow" people would be "slow" in the "slow" lane, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion. If the "slow" people want (or need) to drive "slowly", then good for them. It's their highway too. But for heaven's sake, you don't own the road and neither do I so we BOTH have an obligation to play nice. I won't tailgate you, and you get out of my way. I drive faster in the faster lane, and you, who wants to go "slow", PLEASE DO IT IN THE SLOW LANE. I think that should be adequate for all the "slow" people. (PS: Let's all agree that we should use our turn signals, okay?)[}:D]
Link Posted: 9/2/2001 2:00:58 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/2/2001 2:11:23 PM EST
FAL_762, dude you are sooooooo right1 What the hell is it with some people? why is it that the slow people should there way? It's like anti-gun nuts thnking that we should not have guns cuz they are cry babies. Well just cuz you want to go slow you don't get to make every one eles do things your way so you will feel better.
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