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Posted: 8/19/2004 11:28:27 AM EST
What would be the right ammo for Poser The Vampire Slayer jumping from a dark alley and trying to stake you?


So she's not in Rome anymore...?
Tom Galloway pointed out this item from the Boston Herald:

"A Paris Street man was out strolling with his dog in Thursday night's gentle rain when a woman appeared from the gloom with the unorthodox pickup line, ``I am Buffy the Vampire Slayer!''
To prove her point, she threatened him with a 12-inch wooden stake. She missed her mark, prompting the would-be blood donor's faithful hound to give chase. The dog didn't get to sink its teeth in and police could not locate the witchy woman, which is probably one collar they and the brave pooch could do without."

This is an example of lousy reportage. First, calling her a "witchy woman" is silly since Willow was the witch. And second, it should be clear that it wasn't REALLY Buffy for the obvious reason that, if it were, the guy would--well--be dead. Tragically, a call to Wolfram and Hart could have clarified the situation, but with Angel no longer connected to them, they might not have been forthcoming.


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