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Posted: 10/6/2001 5:54:13 AM EDT
Only a couple more weeks till bow season starts here in WNY. I shoot an Oneida Black Eagle, 65#, 50%cams, BoDoodle 3D rest, 28" Gold Tip carbons 125 Muzzys ....300+fps. Any preferance of vanes of feathers? I use both depending on weather conditions. Good luck to all this season!
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 6:27:46 AM EDT
I use a High Country Ultra Force one cam set at 54 lbs. I use 50-70 Bemans and 100 grain AHT Tri-Loc broadheads. Bow is set at 54 lbs and I get 265 fps. I have a shoulder problem from pulling too high a poundage and that's all I can manage anymore. It's more than enough for pass throughs. Season here in MA starts next week in some areas and has been open in CT since Sepr. 15. bowhuntr
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 6:37:10 AM EDT
I shoot a Ted Nugent Gonzo Safari,at 60# and a six inch overdraw.I Love it!Good luck,and WHACK&STACK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 8:15:11 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 10/6/2001 8:40:18 AM EDT
I shoot a Parker UL31 (31 inches axle to axle), 62 #, 80% letoff, Whisker Biscuit rest, PSE Carbon Force arrows with 100 grain Thunderheads. I also use Tru Glo sights with one tritium pin and a Scott Mongoose release. This set up is light, fast, and drives tacks. I am very pleased with it. Our season opens on the 15th.. I can't WAIT !!! [bounce]
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 2:47:39 PM EDT
Mathews MQ-1, 65 pounds Montana Black Gold fiber optic sight Golden Key Futura Premier rest Gold Tip carbons Pretty much a 3D setup, but I shoot it all summer long and it works for me. Hell, I even use a 3D release. Besides, at over 300 fps those carbons pass through just about every time! I use vanes, but mainly because I shoot so much that they pay off by lasting longer. Bow season is already open here...no luck yet though.
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 3:26:47 PM EDT
70/90 Proline- Point Blank, With Beaman carbons.
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 3:57:40 PM EDT
2001 PSE Thunderbolt with a lightning cam 29" draw, 68#s, NV System, Limb savers everywhere!!! spitting Carbon force 300's at 301 feet per second. Can't seem to hit the 306 fps advertised ibo Kirk
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 4:30:54 PM EDT
I had a PSE Thunderbolt Lightning Cam, 74lbs at 31", Super Badoodle 2.75" Overdraw, FORCE Hyrdolic stabilizer, Gator-Grip dual-prong release, Hoyt Micro-Adjust 5 pin fiber optic site, Pete Shepley peep-site... Using aluminum Easton Gamegetter II's in 2413 size with 75gr tips, I was chrono'd consistantly at 295-298fps... This thing was FAST, in fact, my 20 yard pin and 60 yard pin were only 7/8" apart, that was how flat it shot... The heavy draw weight coupled with the 31" draw really cranked the velocity up... But I got so good with it that it got boring, no joke. I could keep all my arrows in a 15" pie plate at 60 yards. I could consistantly hit the kill zone on a life size white tail 3D target at 70 yards, although I would never take a shot at an animal past 45 yards. At 30 yards or less I just mulched my own arrows in the bullseye. So I sold it all and got a traditional English Longbow, with 32.5" cedar shafts, and 4 4" shield cut feathers... I like the 4 feather config because they fly straighter, and in speed shooting rounds I do not have to worry about making sure the cock feather is out... Now we shoot up to 100 yards, and I was in a tournament this summer where the 36" target was at 150 yards... Fun! I will hunt with the Long bow next year...
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 6:25:07 PM EDT
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John Schulz Trophy Hunter! 68lbs @ 28". KISS. Rocko
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 6:53:40 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 8:23:46 PM EDT
Bow season is well under way here in GA - started Sept 16. I got a doe two weeks ago using: Continental Denali-X compund, 75 lbs, 65% letoff, 32" draw 31.25" Easton 2315 XX78 (I'm big with long arms) Thunderhead 125s Hunter Supreme rest Zebra string Quickee quiver mounted on bow Keller pendulum bow sight - the best IMO! Short hydraulic stabilizer, can't remember brand My bow is 9 years old, and I was thinking about getting a Mathews Q2XL. This rig is ruthless - shoots a very heavy arrow at around 240 fps with excellent accuracy, so I'll probably use it a few more years. Good huntin', all! [beer]
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 8:27:21 PM EDT
Oh, yeah - I prefer fletching. I got a Bitzenburger jig for a birthday years ago and do my own arrows ever since. It is by far the most useful bow gadjet - no waiting at the pro shop for fletch repairs! I also fletch a couple arrows with vanes for rainy days, I like the PSE pro fletch vanes, nice and flexy - the water is hell on feathers! [BD]
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 8:35:59 PM EDT
Martin Pantera set between 75 and 80 pounds. Overdraw and rest, release, peep, good sights, carbon fiber stabilizer, etc. Not sure of the makes anymore. This year I decided to do my hunting with a rifle. Next year I'll probably go back to the bow. Who knows.
Link Posted: 10/6/2001 9:34:32 PM EDT
Crappy chinese 150lb crossbow with nice Excalibur DropZone 2.5x scope. The short 13" crossbow bolts tend to penetrate fully into most targets, destroying their fletching. If buying again I'd get a 60-70 pound compound of some sort instead.
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