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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/21/2003 6:14:19 PM EST
I read that article about 300,000 m14 they are going to destroy. if they where converted to Semi auto and sold how much would they cost and where could I get one? How much do shooter grade M1A's cost any way?
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 6:22:16 PM EST
I don't think the M14s will ever be offered to the little people. The BATF&E has a said that a machine gun is always a machine, even though it can never shoot full-auto.
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 6:22:26 PM EST
Dream on.
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 6:46:25 PM EST
http://www.marstar.ca/Norinco/M-305.htm is it legal to Import firearms from Canada?
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 6:46:56 PM EST
400.00 Canadian dollars = 296.54 US dollars
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 6:54:18 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/21/2003 7:09:26 PM EST by Matthew_Q]
Napalm, I second what warlord has said. The BATF will never let them be sold to the public because they are classifed as machineguns, even though they cannot fire fully automatically, but since some 'M14's could, EVERY M14 is considered a machinegun now. If you ask anyone here, it's a crock of shit, but kiss those 300,000 rifles bye bye. I thought there was someone who could build one from parts for around $800, but I can't remember for the life of me. Otherwise, your only route is a Springfield Armory M1A.
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 7:16:29 PM EST
Cheapest way (in the initial outlay) is to find a Polytech M14S somewhere like a pawnshop or private party. I've seen them in the $500 - $600 range. The forged reciever is generally considered superior to the cast unit used by Springfield, however the other parts are not up to US quality. You can then have a competent smith upgrade with USGI or US commercial parts. Often the Polytechs you see for sale will already have some upgrades, like a USGI stock and flashhider. The initial outlay will be less than Springfield, but the final cost will probably be a little more, but if you use a good smith you would have an excellent weapon. (without a cast reciever).
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 7:21:02 PM EST
the one from china only costs $300 in canada.
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 7:22:13 PM EST
Old news. That article is a hashpipe dream. The army regrets every one of those rifles they cut up or gave away YEARS ago. More stuff from the M1/M14 board, regardless of what you think of Fulton Armory.... ------------- I'm hostile to THIS campaign because it is so poorly researched and so poorly developed that IT HURTS the cause of Second Amendment Rights and paints all gun owners, especially those of us interested in M1's, M14's and other military and military styled firearms as dim-witted, simplistic, red-necks. The basic facts DO NOT check out. There aren't that many M14's left in stocks, nor is there any current plan to destroy them that anyone can get at. In fact, as anyone who has been following the wars over the past nearly TWO years can attest, the M14 is in the greatest demand it has ever seen since Vietnam. Every military organization that can get their hands on them are snapping them up for employment at the squad level as designated marksman's rifles. Under those conditions alone, no one is going to be destroying M14 rifles except by cannibalizing unserviceable rifles for spare parts. Those are objective, demonstrable facts. If I called for people on this board to bring out their images of M14's deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq, we would have quite a few in no time flat. Go over to Jouster.com's M1/M14 board and ask the question there and you'd get even more, plus very credible information from Gus Fisher (who retired from the Marine Corps Rifle Team Equipment's Rifle Shop (he ran it) and was involved in the Marine Corps DMR program. -Andrew Preistley -------------------------------------------- But Andrew is entirely right when he avers that the point is moot. I have carefully reviewed the new RFP for the M14's replacement; the resulting product will be more AR than not. Unfortunately circumstances require me to be circumspect, as a condition of the privilege of review of the RFP was that I not make it public, but a Garand-action rifle will *not* be part of the solution. The requirements will drive designers in the AR & AK directions. Responding to the RFP would be a fun project; Clint & I wish we had a couple million dollars and a year of 14-day weeks to work on it. Very best regards, Walt Kuleck ------------------------------------
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 8:08:34 PM EST
That website is making me want to become a socialistic canadian. Fricken $325 (CD) for a new 1911A1? This country is screwed up.
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 8:12:36 PM EST
Canada isn't socialist, Real socialist's group Canada into the same groups of countries as America and England.
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 8:19:32 PM EST
Originally Posted By napalm113: http://www.marstar.ca/Norinco/M-305.htm is it legal to Import firearms from Canada?
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Check this page out, on their web site. [url]http://www.marstar.ca/rules®s-A.htm[/url] I'll be calling monday to get a form 6. When I emailed them a 8 months back, they told me no way they could import a Norinco to the US. I guess this has changed. I'll be calling them on Monday. To see if this is so.
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 8:33:52 PM EST
You don't want a cheap M1A. Do youself a favor...Save up, and get a nice SA NM M1A. Trust me, you'll never regret it. I waited years. I finally picked one up, and i love it. It's even pre-ban. It was not cheap. You get what you pay for.
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 9:06:56 PM EST
I mostly want it to represent an M14 in my collection, I would probably use it at a 50 yard in door range occasionally
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 9:14:01 PM EST
Originally Posted By napalm113: I mostly want it to represent an M14 in my collection, I would probably use it at a 50 yard in door range occasionally
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That is sacreligious. Using an M14/M1A at 50 yards...You should hang your head in shame....such disgrace...That's like getting a corvette and driving 10 under the speed limit. LOL...j/k....
Link Posted: 6/21/2003 11:45:47 PM EST
If you look at the M305 Gallery, it says right at the top that Norinco firearms cannot be shipped to the United States... Looks like I wait for a rich old aunt to die and leave me $1500 in her will so I can get a Springfield...
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 7:43:05 PM EST
Originally Posted By Az_Redneck: If you look at the M305 Gallery, it says right at the top that Norinco firearms cannot be shipped to the United States...
Norinco can't be shipped to US because we've embargoed em temporarily. IIRC, it was durring the SARS scare. It's still on because they sell weapons to Iran and other 'evil' groups.
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