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Posted: 10/10/2004 5:18:37 AM EDT
Ohio vote directions leave many confused
Poll, registration rules bring barrage of criticism, fears of a Florida repeat
Associated Press


COLUMBUS, OHIO - Voter advocates are closely watching Ohio's preparations for the presidential election, worried that the secretary of state's instructions could lead to the kind of confusion and legal challenges that Florida went through in 2000.

The controversy surrounds Republican Kenneth Blackwell's recent orders about the type of paper required for mail-in voter registration cards and how election officials should deal with voters who go to the wrong polling place Nov. 2.

Advocates worry his instructions will confuse voters and poll workers.

At least one county is threatening to disregard part of the instructions, and Democrats and others have filed lawsuits.

Blackwell said his instructions were just reminders about existing state laws.

Blackwell first said registration cards had to be printed on heavy paper stock, saying lightweight cards could be shredded by postal equipment.

After being criticized, he said election boards should accept all forms, then send voters the proper card to fill out for the permanent record. Some boards said they would skip that last step.

Blackwell also ordered election boards to send voters who show up at the wrong polling place to their correct polling place instead of letting them cast a provisional ballot. More than 100,000 provisional votes were cast in the 2000 election.

The Ohio Democratic Party and a coalition of unions and voter rights groups have sued.

WTF is this bullcrap. If they are not educated enough to get to the right polling station why should they even be allowed to vote? If they can't follow the rules and they vote where they just happen to want to it is possible for certain sites to run out of ballots or be undermanned and have longer lines. Plus what about the smart ones that vote in both spots. I know they are supposed to sign and all but it seems like there could be more of an opportunity for voter fraud.

People should take the right to vote serious. I plan to be at my polling place at 7:00 am on election morning, waiting in the line. This is a great right that we have but people take it for granted or don't even consider it at all.
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Link Posted: 10/10/2004 5:29:31 AM EDT
Its been so long ago now since I registered I don't know what is required down here. But I have heard about how dead people helped Johnson get elected back in the 60's. The counties were down in the border area.
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