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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/12/2001 4:01:08 AM EST
Ladies and Gentlemen, we experienced a tragedy larger than Pearl Harbor yesterday, and we don't even know who did it. We are angry, and thirsty for blood. We all want to do something, but there doesn't seem like there's anything we can do (besides donate blood). Here are some of my ideas: (1) Support the Constitution, Bill of Rights, judicial process and our other "checks and balances systems." (2) Don't start shooting yet. (3) Consider your dependence on our infrastructure and your preparedness. (4) Write your representatives. I think a lot of you here have some introspection to do. Many of you have loaded up and are ignoring the very things we exist to defend - Liberty, Freedom and the American way.
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 4:02:02 AM EST
[b](1) Support the Constitution, Bill of Rights, judicial process and our other "checks and balance systems."[/b] Many of you have stated we should shoot the bastards on sight, level their Country, etc. I heard people on the radio demanding we push aside the justice system, etc., for this instance (just like they did for Timothy McVeigh). [i]This is the very time we need the due process of our government to protect us!!![/i] A quote from full-clip on "Truckload of Explosives Siezed Near New York" thread: "My son in law is a cop in Detroit and said they arrested two Arab men taking pictures of the sky scrappers dowtown, oh and they were driving a rental from New York. " I just take pictures to send home to family " Right!!!!. Hope by the time it takes to send them the place will be gone, wiped from the face of the earth!!!!!" If you think we should round up any XXX-head or sand-XXX, you're a threat to Freedom! I don't believe the Constitution or Bill of Rights applies only to white, meat-eating, gun-toting, red-blooded male Americans does it? I'll defend the Rights of the Palestinians' to dance in their streets. I'll defend the Rights of my Countrymen to say I should own firearms. I'll defend the Rights of Middle-Eastern people to live freely in this Country if they're legal immigrants. As angry as you are, this is not the way. Those who sacrifice personal freedom for comfort or safety deserve neither. Freedom is most appreciated when it is fought for. Do not give up now. Do not look to the government to take care of you - take care of your damn self. They are not here to keep gas prices low enough for you to feel good about filling up your SUV. They are not here to ensure your retirement, make sure you're fed, etc. Although our Federal government has taken a very Socialist stance, we should not support this or expect it of them. They are supposed to provide for National Defense, Interstate commerce, & common coinage. Stop looking to the government to take care of you.
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 4:02:35 AM EST
[b](2) Don't start shooting yet.[/b] We will likely see civil unrest, looting, financial uneasiness, etc., over the next few weeks. I applaud those whose Patriotism to your Country made you immediately go "to arms" to do your part. Unless faced with a local crisis (looting), be wary but not aggressive. Loading extra mags and sitting in your house with the lights out and windows covered reinforces a stereotype (that we're looking for an excuse to shoot someone). We haven't been invaded, there aren't bullets flying yet, and there's nothing for you to shoot at. Stand down, be wary and vigilent and wait. [b](3) Consider your dependence on our infrastructure and your preparedness. [/b] I consider myself pretty prepared. Are you? What was your plan yesterday if the attacks continued? What if they came near you? Do you have a safe place to go? Is it coordinated with your friends/family? Do you have a Bug-Out-Bag or similar resources ready to go? Do you have spare gas? Do you have enough food & water? Do you have a gas mask? We have all chosen to be dependent upon our infrastructure to various degrees. Do you only have the gas in your cars? Do you rely on electricity to stay alive? It is your choice. You can store reasonable amounts of gas, food, water, electricity and other resources, eliminating your short-term reliance and often saving you money. I am a security specialist at one of the largest electricity/gas companies in the US. If you bet your life on a company to supply you with these things, you're a fool. These companies are in business to make money, not make you feel good. Be prepared, be responsible, and take care of your family and friends.
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 4:02:54 AM EST
[b](4) Write your representatives.[/b] I, as most of you, feel this attack is a direct result of our meddling in overseas conflicts. We should stay out of them. We have no business disarming one side of the Bosnia/Serbia conflict so they are slaughtered. We have little business in the Middle East. While we are a rich and great Nation, we need to clean our own house and stay out of everyone else's. We should not be giving money and aid to other Countries while we have debt. We should not be deploying troops to police actions around the world and supporting the UN's elimination of local autonomy (we're next, guys). Tell your representatives while you have their attention. We did bring some of this on ourselves. I'm not justifying what happened - just saying we caused other's anger towards us.
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 4:15:13 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 5:49:06 AM EST
Thanks Garand Shooter. Hope to see you next month. I strongly believe that the average level of individual preparedness is a strong indication of our Countries' readiness. While yesterday's events were certainly spectacular, I'm surprised it has stopped. Anybody with the ability to position several qualified pilots in this coordinated attack (without a SINGLE ONE BEING CAUGHT AT THE AIRPORT) has resources. I could make a biochemical agent much easier than coordinate a team of pilots carrying out an attack. People have made many of them by accident, and it is well documented how to do it intentionally. Imagine the impact of spreading a contagious biological agent in the US? This attack was extremely localized and "conventional," yet the cities panicked. I'm sorry, but just imagine if it was something BIG (small nuke, contageous biochemical agents in water supply, multiple-city detonations, etc.). Think gas will only go up to $5 and the stock market shut down for a few days then? Imagine what would happen to our economy if a large group of the population was afraid to go back to work? It wouldn't take as much as you think. Now that you know this is real and can happen, what are you going to change? Me - coordinate better plans for evacuation and how to contact family, neighbors and friends. It would be best to evacuate in caravans or meet at pre-determined points if necesary. I'm going to store more supplies, including food, water and gas masks. I've always felt a little unreasonable doing this before. I feel it has just been demonstrated why we should.
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