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Posted: 11/2/2002 10:39:58 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 10:45:02 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 10:47:59 PM EST
Pull him aside and tell him that you know that he was never a SEAL and never even trained as a SEAL. Show him the emails. Tell him he needs to stop telling this bullshit story or you'll have to take futher actions.
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 10:49:29 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/2/2002 10:49:48 PM EST by sherm8404]
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 10:52:14 PM EST
Originally Posted By sherm8404: I'm not really a confronty(it's a word, I swear) kind of guy. And part of me wants to see him get screwed. I think he deserves it.
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Then fuck it.... burn him!
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 10:58:02 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 10:58:57 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/2/2002 11:10:05 PM EST by gaspain]
leave an anonymous note in his locker(or whatever). Stating that you know he is a fake and you are watching, keep it vague with no detail's so he wont know who it is, OR leave a similar note on the commanders desk stating "I want to return to the SEAL's(blah blah) fill in the shit. put his name on it. Then the CDR will ask him about going back to the SEALs....you can guess what will happen next.
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 11:05:20 PM EST
Too bad this wasn't just a bar deal. One night I realy got a fake rambo by out BSing him with 'my days in the legion'. I really started talking trash, and all the locals figured out what I was doing, and nobody ratted me out to the *. Matched the idiot BS story for BS story. That and a little Jr High French and Zoot...Zoot...Zootna!!! The BS got deep fast! I managed to gather quite a little group of listeners and never had to buy a beer all night. Just before I left, I tipped my hand and told him about beating 27 men to death with a stale loaf of French bread. He finally figured me out. He got pretty PO'd when everyone laughed at him, he wanted to fight, started talking Karate and Kung fu crap and got popped on the head and tossed out by the bartender....an old lady in her 60s! I still laugh whenever I think of drinking about $50 worth of the *s beer and watching him get tossed out by an old woman.
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 11:08:40 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 11:10:21 PM EST
Hell with him. Ignore him. Whenever he starts talking crap, say, "Uh-huh, uh-huh" while you walking away. Let him have his fun, these retards are no threat to the self esteem of the special ops community. I'm sure everyone else knows he's full of crap too. And confronting him about it will have a detrimental effect on your unit cohesion.
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 11:13:25 PM EST
There we wuz, Colonel Fabrage and me, shoulder to shoulder and back to the wall.... with 764 desert A-rabs a comin' at us on camel back! I shot one, the Colonel shot another and the remaining 762 shot me......... Whaddaya mean, what happened then??? I was dead, you fool!!!
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 11:18:35 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 11:28:15 PM EST
There was one worse yet, Not a fake Rambo....this time the subject was women. This guy was an idiot talking about banging celebreties etc. With a straight face, I told him I had banged 4 women with the same hard-on. He called BS, and to his surprise (AND MINE!) 4 women sitting at the bar listening to his loud crap backed me up! It was funny! The women, well, use some imagination regarding the things they said about me. 'Lit all 4 of us up like a pinball machine...' for starters.
Link Posted: 11/2/2002 11:33:12 PM EST
The report from cyberseals, make a bunch of copies and tack them all over, leave some on a few desks,
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 2:00:29 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/3/2002 2:01:00 AM EST by USNJoe]
Heck, invite of of the REAL SEALS over to your unit and let him talk to the guy for a few minutes in front of everyone. I am sure the record will be set straight in no time. I have a friend who was a SEAL, he got out as an E5 BT, he never speaks about what he did as a SEAL, never offers up that he was a SEAL and he explains his Trident by saying "I was in the Navy band, I got drunk one night and had the Music rating insignia tatooed on me." As far as him showing up out of uniform, well, ANYONE can correct someone if they are not wearing the proper uniform or if it is not being worn correctly. Just make sure your ducks are in a row beforehand.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 3:14:03 AM EST
The world is full of these guys. A young lady where I work approached me a few days ago and said she met this guy at a club. When she asked what he did, he said, "I can't tell you." The first words out of my mouth were, "He's full of crap." Later he tells her he's a ranger just back from Afganistan and procedes to tell her about several missions he was involved in. I figure he's either a complete liar or maybe one of the student from Camp Rudder. Eddie
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 3:26:38 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 3:54:46 AM EST
Follow Wave's advice. Get this guy into a situation where he's bragging in front of the real deal.Most SF types don't take too kindly to that. Ought to be pretty entertaining....
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 4:09:44 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 4:22:56 AM EST
see the url below. i say F**K 'EM, expose his lying azz. [url]http://www.nightscribe.com/Military/SEALs/wannabe_seals.htm[/url]
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 4:25:24 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/3/2002 4:27:05 AM EST by BBossman]
Next time John Rambo spins a yarn about his haroic exploits, you spin one of your own. Like: The time you were with your Uncle Billy and he decided to burn Atlanta, or the time you got transfered out of the 7th Cavalry, right before they had some problems with some Indians, or the time the cook woke y ou up early and sent you to get a dozen eggs, when you came back, the Japanese had accidently sunk the USS Arizona.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 4:25:44 AM EST
Years ago, when I had just got out of the Army, I worked with a guy who loved to brag about being a Navy SEAL. I waited until he had a big female audience and said " Kent, I was in the Army for a while, but my Brother in Law was US Air Force. He said there M16's didn't have the forward assist. All ours did. What about the SEAL? did your weapons have a forward assist or not?" He didn't know what to say, I let him studder for a second and said. "You don't even know what a forward assist is, do you ? What did you REALLY do in the Navy, Kent?" His face turned red and he mumbled. "...uh I was a cook."
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 7:06:49 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 7:24:54 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/3/2002 7:27:13 AM EST by CAMPYBOB]
just like dthor, the lying fake seal that used to post here...and was exposed by several board members...was sent to the bottom by cyberseals. contact them at their website with this goof's info and sit back while they chop him to pieces. in life, there are real hero's...and there are lying sacks of shit not fit to wipe the asses of the real ones. [url]http://www.cyberseals.org/[/url] these guys are the real deal, and love exposing the liars, frauds and punks that claim to be seals.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 8:21:35 AM EST
Better yet, send one direct to Jim Watson at realseal1@iquest.net ...he'll straighten this ass out quick-like.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 8:34:25 AM EST
I wouldn't know what to do either. Would hate to humiliate someone, even a liar like that. But I firmly believe this is happening because you guys are in New York. Right? Far away from Dam Neck, Little Creek, or Coronado. You couldn't pull that sh*t at 32st. Naval Station where I'm at. Not when you stand officer of the deck and bonifide SEAL's walk up your quaterdeck salute you and ask permission to come aboard and then discuss what they are going to be doing near your ship.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 9:08:17 AM EST
sherm, what an interesting post...i have run across a guy whose veracity i doubt also. he claimed to be army special forces, on a target team, etc, etc...i now it impresses we ladies no small amount, BUT....lying to your team? i agree its a bad thing to do, to pretend to be something you're not, when so many others out there have served and died for us. guys, how does one go about finding a military record? are there records available for public search? or is only for veterans? i'm only a humble civvie. i admire the men and women who have given their time and effort to be in service. i wish i could now that i know more about it than when i was young. i'm too old to serve.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 9:23:09 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 11:00:18 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 11:27:07 AM EST
Your fake SEAL is already damaging your team's esprit; frankly your leadership will recognize that you do not need the type on your team, no matter how technically skilled - the truth is, he's replaceable. Your unit personnel office knows. If this gets to be a biger problem, get your leadership to investigate and correct the behavior/BS.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 12:08:00 PM EST
"There I was, no shit, knee deep in grnade pins. And I was scared, Yeah me! Scared! Scared they would get away..." First off, if all the guys who ever claimed to be SOU troops were put together in one area it would probably number about 20 times the real number. Secondly, I never believe anyone who claims that crap until I see it. I was an overgrown sleep deprived boy scout with an electronic dog tag. Whooptee fucking doo. Some guys think Ranger Bn is the peak of exisitance, I think it was a long shitty exercise in cleaning the barracks and being narrowly missed by my "team mates". I can tell you stories about trying to get new buffer pads that would make your toes curl so great was the heroism involved, and lets not forget the horrors I overcame to shave in the field in winter. They want to claim that as their background, OK. Lets see your DD214. There isn't a damned thing on it you can't show to anyone. None of it is classified. Third, we had this bozo SSG in the mech unit I was sent to. He wore the Army diver badge, the Ranger tab, pathfinder wings, and an EIB. He was, to the naked eye, a fat stupid slug. It made one wonder when he had ever had the motivation to put his adipose black ass through those hoops and why he had somehow decided to stop being so huah and fall so far. When he went to his board for SFC he showed up with all his shineys on and the president board said, "Uhh, SSg So-and-So I don't see any of those awards or schools in your 201." SSG Dumbass replied, "Oh I never went to any of those things. I jus wears 'em to motivate the troops." He was shortly thereafter reduced in rank and made to find employment elsewhere. If this douchebag is saying he has done these things and is misrepresenting himself, fuck him. Turn his ass in to CID, the CO, and the AG. Shit, turn him into Santa Claus, he doesn't need any toys this year. Make him show you his 214 or just the certificates of completion of these schools. I have never had a problem with showing mine to any who dout. I have even showed them to people who did not doubt me. I cannot abide a liar.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 12:24:13 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 12:35:06 PM EST
sherm, bust the guy. what are you waiting for?
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 12:41:54 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 12:43:50 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 12:48:08 PM EST
Two of my friends are ex military, one as a light colonel in the army, and the other as an NCO in the Marines. Through them I have met several real SF types. They (SF) NEVER brag about their service.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 12:59:28 PM EST
Originally Posted By FrankSquid: .....one time in SEAL camp.....
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[b][red][size=6]FUNNIEST POST EVER!!!!![/size=6][/red][/b] Well, today..... Scott
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 1:01:30 PM EST
Isn't it funny how many former SEALS you run into? I am sure everybody here has met one at sometime or another. It seems like half the people you meet that were in the Navy at one time claim to have been a SEAL. And half of the former active duty Marines you meet were in Force Recon. I was on a construction site one time, and we had two former "Recon Marines" in our crew. They both backed each others lies up. I have read enough about Recon training that I knew more than they did. I say you should erase any names off the emails from cyberseals to protect yourself, make sure nobody is around, and do a little clandestine shoot-and-loot of your own. Like maybe posting about 50 copies all over the company area. The imposter will blow a gasket, and his angry fit will probably provoke someone into calling him on it. I would love to be a fly on the wall when it goes down. Just my $0.02 worth.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 1:06:17 PM EST
Originally Posted By USNJoe: I have a friend who was a SEAL, he got out as an E5 BT, he never speaks about what he did as a SEAL, never offers up that he was a SEAL and he explains his Trident by saying "I was in the Navy band, I got drunk one night and had the Music rating insignia tatooed on me."
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Sounds like the real SEALs that I have met. All very cool customers, never talk about it unless you really bug them. Then, all they say is "When I was in the military, we used to go to this place in VA Beach and drink with these other guys and...". It's always "when I was in the military/Navy/armed forces", not "When I was with SEAL Team X".
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 4:05:03 PM EST
I met a former, somewhat rotund SEAL guarding the local Cellular One store while I was renewing my contract. I was wearing a T-shirt with the DIA logo. He asks me: You former military? Me: "Yes, USMC retired". Him: I was a SEAL. Me: Wow, that's cool! He was very soft looking, and although I suspect he was actually prior military, my intuition told me he was telling a story. I'm TDY (TAD for you MC/Navy types) to NAB Coronado every once in a while, and I know who to call if I really want to pull a punk card. The exchange left me saddened, and I had no interest in pursuing it further.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 5:13:03 PM EST
Sherm... Here is my tactic... While your at the bar with some guys in your unit.. Call his bullshit.. If he turns the table over and stomps your guts out, could be truth to it... More likely, he will start shaking, make an excuse to leave, then disappear... I have done it before... WORKS LIKE A CHARM...
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 6:03:45 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 6:04:24 PM EST
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 6:19:59 PM EST
Anonymously leave him a note in his locker from the real SEAL guys that you gathered. Write something to the effect if he doesn't stop lying you'll out him. Problem solved. You're happy. If he really is some spec ops dude you don't look bad.[}:D]
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 6:35:16 PM EST
Leave him alone...He is a tight wire and everything he is trying to be will cause him to crash and burn. Let the real deal get together with him has friends and put him through the ropes, maybe a little mile swim or sitting in 30 below water for an hour. There are things that could be done. But when it's over remember he is a shoulder and does have sometime..Have him talk to someone to straighten his act out and give him the chance. A person who is a nobody and wants to be a somebody has more respect for what he is striving for than one who gets it sometimes. I don't expect you to really understand until you count the names of those tall tale tellers on a certain wall....They were true heroes also.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 10:13:03 PM EST
Originally Posted By EODK9: Sherm... Here is my tactic... While your at the bar with some guys in your unit.. Call his bullshit.. If he turns the table over and stomps your guts out, could be truth to it... More likely, he will start shaking, make an excuse to leave, then disappear... I have done it before... WORKS LIKE A CHARM...
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the real players that i've met seem to actually appreciate polite scepticism. sort of a 'check me out if you want' self assurance. the method i've used most often is to ask 'what is that website they use to track SEAL posers?' twice, i've been given the url to cyberseals, complete with the guy's name, bud/s class #, and birthdate. both of these guys did it with a smile. the other guys almost always mumbled something along the lines of 'no such site' or (more often) '...classified missions blahblahblah...' you probably don't need to be told who checked out and who didn't.
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 10:40:05 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/3/2002 10:58:23 PM EST by RebelGray]
Only known two "Former SF" guys, one was claimed to have been a late VN era SEAL Team doc. He was a little fireplug shaped bald guy who never talked very much and never ever said anything about military service. In his house the only indication of any military attachment was a posed photo of a bunch of UDT types at a bar in SE Asia somewhere around this guy, even then looking very much like a turtle. The only comment he ever made about it was "oh, I did some stuff for the Navy in the '70s, I worked as a corpsman for those guys. SEAL or not? Probably never know. The other guy is an amigo of mine. Little guy, looks 10 years older than he is, only guy who could discuss with me the full spectrum of warplanes, ships, tanks and guns that I've obsessively studied since I was a kid. Claims to have been a Recon Marine, also claims to be married with the wife living and working in another state, although I've never seen imperical evidence of either. Smokes like a chimney, and used to drink like a fish, and never told any 'fightin' stories', except for one here and there about a big spider he ran into in a field in Panima during "Just Cause" in '89, or the kid who got ahold of a live claymore and "Osterized" his torso in the mess one night at Camp Pendelton. Claims to have trained with the MP5SD and the Barret amoung other guns, however in the time I've known him, I never knew him to be able to shoot straight. I do know that he could throw, very accurately, any knife even remotely balanced for it. I feared him a lot more with a Spyderco than I did the Glock he claimed to have but, once again, never saw. He had a room to himself somewhere on campus but liked to stay at friends places and more often than not lived in my living-room out of a backpack that seemed to contain a liter bottle of soda and smokes. One night after drinking a lot he loosened up and said he had been taken off active duty after developing a "5th-of-Jack-a-day" habit upon returning from combat in Panima. Something about lighting up a little kid who had been shooting at them with an AK47. Of course I still have my doubts but it sounds reasonable enough to believe, am I being naieve?
Originally Posted By QUIB: That's funny........similar happened to me recently at work. We got a guy that transferred within the company where I work, he came from another state where we operate. He's been here now with us for about 2 weeks. The other day he comes in wearing an O.D. green military winter wool scarf. Here was the conversation: Me: "That's a nice scarf, what branch of the military were you in?" Him: "Army." Me: "Oh yea, me too! What MOS?" Him: " I'd rather not say." Me: " Why not? I was a 67V, Helicopter Crew Chief." Him: " Well because of current world affairs I'd rather not say." Does this sound like a wanna be or what? Guy is maybe 25 or 26 years old. I'd like to find his DD214 to see what he really did, if he was even really in the military. I could be wrong, but if he was in a situation where he couldn't tell, he could have at least said he was Infantry or maybe Ranger, and not this "I'm not at liberty to say." BS! I'll find out..............
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OTOH maybe he was just honestly embarrased :) General's Cock Polisher? Trash man in Alaska? The possibilities are endless...
Link Posted: 11/3/2002 10:57:33 PM EST
Originally Posted By RebelGray: OTOH maybe he was just honestly embarrased :) General's Cock Polisher? Trash man in Alaska? The possibilities are endless...
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Yeah, I can't figure that. WTF is there to be ashamed of? We NEED cooks, and trash men, too. BTW I'm sorta guilty of stolen valor by accident. A reporter once asked me a question about something once about Fish and Game laws or some such crap and then asked me if I was a Vet. I assured him I was. He asked me if I was decorated. I told him that I got the Good Conduct medal awarded to me at an Army post that was a mile above sea level, and smugly asked him if that counted as 'highly decorated". Two days later, I was reading the paper and my comments were reported. Thank god he didn't use my name, but he listed me as a highly decorated veteran. It's funny now, but it really irked me at the time.
Link Posted: 11/4/2002 12:20:36 AM EST
To answer the question, I would do nothing. Let him wallow in his own self-pity. Effects of his lies on you= 0.
Link Posted: 11/4/2002 1:43:14 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/4/2002 3:45:40 AM EST
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