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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
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Posted: 6/26/2003 8:26:40 PM EST
I'm sure this question has been posted before, but what was your first firearm (BB-guns do not count)? Mine was a Stevens' Model 77 pump-action shotgun that my dad bought me when I passed the hunters' exam back in Sweden.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 8:30:52 PM EST
The first I ever bought myself was a Mosin M44. The first I fired was an old Swiss Rubin in .308 when I was 12. I recently just bought that rifle from my dad. I will never part with it. Sgtar15
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 8:31:53 PM EST
SS .410, Christmas 69'. 8 years old. Still got it.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 8:32:31 PM EST
Stevens 311A 20 Ga. S/S double barrel. starting off with a double barrel hleped alot. I knew i only had two shots, so i made those two count. I used that gun my whole life, still do. We had a trap team in high school. People got so pissed when they were using 3 inch 12 Ga. loads, and i was kicking their butt with a 2 3/4 20 Ga.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 8:33:59 PM EST
Never had a bb or a pellet gun, I lived a deprived childhood. Just kidding... Browning straight-pull bolt action .22 'got' it when I was 6-7.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 8:36:21 PM EST
Beretta 92FS [img]edjones7.home.mchsi.com/line.gif[/img] [url=www.nra.org][b][red]NRA[/red][/url] [url=www.nra.org][blue]Life Member[/blue][/url] [url=www.gunowners.org][b][red]GOA[/red] [/url] [url=www.gunowners.org][blue]Life Member[/blue][/url] [url=www.saf.org][red]SAF[/red][/url] [url=www.saf.org][blue]Supporter[/blue][/url] [url=sas-aim.org][red]SAS[/red][/url] [url=sas-aim.org][blue]Supporter[/blue][/b][/url]
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 8:36:38 PM EST
Browning twelvette Dont shoot it anymore. I have both barrels and the original leather case with it. Id say 95% gun. Ill bust up my 11-87 now instead
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 8:37:34 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/26/2003 8:39:51 PM EST by Cape_hunter]
Stevens single shot. 15b I think. Got it for my 6th birthday. Turned loose with it on my 8th birthday to roam the woods. Those were the days. A new box of 22 shells (50) every weekend(thanks Dad), and a national forest out the back door to explore. Learned alot those first couple years. Still brings a tear to my eye when I think back and remember the freedom I felt. Its a freedom I fear I will never have again. CH *Show our youth the outdoors, as they are the only real hope we have in defending our rights*
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 8:38:01 PM EST
My Dad brought home a Glenfield Model 10 when I was 12 or 13yrs old... The day I turned 21, I bought a new Llaama 1911 .45acp at the local Boscov's dept store... Nowadays, Boscov's won't even sell hunting rifles...
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 8:41:50 PM EST
I didnt come from a "gun" family. So at 18 I bought an A1 Olympic AR. Miss that gun. It was a sweet shooter. Sold it for a Colt Sporter [:(]
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 8:52:08 PM EST
Marlin 70
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 8:52:34 PM EST
Stevens Single shot 12ga
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 9:08:17 PM EST
First I fired: East German AK-47 variant in .22lr, select fire. First I owned: 1953 S&W J-frame First I bought NIB: Kel-Tec P11 (4 digit serial number) First I bought used: 1942 Mauser Kar98k (also first long gun) First I broke: East German Makarov (several times) All becomes fuzzy after that.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 9:09:33 PM EST
Remington 16ga Sportsman semi auto at age 11. Sweet thing and hard shooting. Wish I still had it but I gave it to my son when he turned 10. He still has it and says he will give it to his son, if he ever has one. So far just two girls but I will bet they will fight over it, boys or no boys.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 9:18:28 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/26/2003 9:24:17 PM EST by SteyrAUG]
1917 date P-08 Luger Royal Armory of Eurfurt. All matching, original. Editted to add pic. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0QwDyAgQTeWrYdT9CRPCrMiTKWfIHbmCjxt7nnWzNDlt3­zpN0zocCrjk0J1Y8!mw2hv44XYk!ZlxOdQh99819bl9Re­UKQq0ixrHAxsBicwGA/001lu.JPG[/img]
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 9:20:05 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 9:26:47 PM EST
Originally Posted By sherm8404: A Ruger 10/22. Isn't everybody's.
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Mine was. Sold it for book money, really wish I had that gun still.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 9:29:25 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 9:44:52 PM EST
Colt Trooper MKIII 6 inch traded to my dad for a Colt 1911a1 .
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 9:45:31 PM EST
1st- Berreta A302 2nd- Colt Series 70 Government Still have both. [:D][:D] ____________________________________ The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you are already dead. And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function, without mercy, without compassion, without remorse.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 9:51:26 PM EST
Browning .22 auto with stock feed and bottom action/cartige ejection. Looks like a heroin skinny shotgun. My dad now has it and sorry I don't know the model.
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 9:54:56 PM EST
Originally Posted By DVDTracker: Glock 17 that I bought in 1996. Still have it and shoot it regularly.
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That is what I gave my kids. Mine was a colt .22, the mini single action army. And no I can't remember the name of it now. It is late, is it not?
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 10:10:45 PM EST
S&W Model 1000 semi-auto 12 gauge
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 10:35:22 PM EST
a Norinco 56S-1 (preban underfolder) in 1989 like this one... [img]http://www.bdlltd.com/2374-_Norinco_AK-_right_side.jpg[/img] i shouldn't have sold it [:(]
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 10:51:05 PM EST
For all of you Kali's....I was born at Redlands Hosp. in Redlands Ca. when I was not even a hour old, my grandpa came into the room and gave me a Mod. 69 Winchester .22 Try that now....[BD]
Link Posted: 6/26/2003 11:34:36 PM EST
Remington Nylon 66. Good shooter. Messy to clean up. I wish I still had it.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 12:08:20 AM EST
HK USPc .40, that I still carry. That was about 8 years ago.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 12:39:43 AM EST
Sig P220
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 12:47:43 AM EST
First owned: Remington 511 .22 bolt action given to me by my uncle. First rifle bought: M1 carbine. First handgun bought: S&W 586. First shotgun bought: Remington 870. Still got 'em all.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 12:58:37 AM EST
Bushmaster AR-15
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 1:02:14 AM EST
My first rifle and shot gun came at the same time. My grandfarther had a bolt action Springfield 22 cal.and a stevens pump action that he used when he was a young boy.He gave both of them to my dad and then my dad gave both of them to me at about 14. But the first rifle I ever bought was a chinese SKS. Now my son has the 22.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 1:22:36 AM EST
I got a really late start. First firearm I ever owned is my Olympic PCR-5
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 1:35:25 AM EST
Winchester M1 Garand back in 1988.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 1:41:41 AM EST
A S&W model 36 Chiefs Special, 2", .38 I bought back in 1970. The wife carries it now.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 2:10:17 AM EST
Rifle: Bushmaster AR15 Handgun: Glock 27
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 2:14:47 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 2:26:53 AM EST
First gun: .22, bought by mom First gun I bought: Norinco SKS First NIB: Bushmaster M4 First Handgun/NIB: Kimber Custom TLE II. I plan on keeping all of them. I had a Mossberg 500 that i sold to one of my chiefs. I felt bad, so I went out and bought a Rem 870. I'll never sell another gun.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 2:29:23 AM EST
Rifle: Ruger 10/22 in 1988 First center fire rifle: Savage 110E .30-06 Pistol: Ruger KGP161 in 1991 Shotgun: Mossberg 500 combo (slug bbl & /28" vr bbl) Still have them.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 2:29:25 AM EST
First Rifle: 12th BDay --Marlin Papoose Pistol: Browning Buckmark
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 2:48:18 AM EST
H&R single shot 410. I still have it too.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 3:00:36 AM EST
Glock 17 right when I turned 21.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 3:00:41 AM EST
H&R Topper Model 95, 20 guage.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 3:32:29 AM EST
It was a 20 ga. single shot. I don't remember the brand, but it looked a lot like the New England Arms model. I was 9 years old, & it was a Christmas present. The 1st one I ever bought my self was a Remington 742 BDL 30-06. I was 16 when I bought it.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 3:54:00 AM EST
First fired at age 12 a Winchester Model 52. First owned at age 13 a Ruger 10/22. First owned handgun at age 21 a Colt MkIV Series 70, factory nickel.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 3:55:51 AM EST
First owned: Ruger Single-Six 22LR/Mag Got it for Christmas when I was 13. First bought: Beretta 92FS when I was 21.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 3:59:08 AM EST
Don't laugh a feather AT-22, but i shit you not i traded it for a H&K-93, guy had no idea what he had.
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 4:04:43 AM EST
SIG P220
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 4:05:23 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 4:08:31 AM EST
First handgun: Walther P22 First long gun: Ruger 10/22
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 4:12:56 AM EST
A JC Higgins 20ga bolt shotgun. first I bought was a Maddi AK clone
Link Posted: 6/27/2003 8:01:31 AM EST
Handgun - S&W 686 4 inch Long gun - H&R M1 Garand (DCM purchase)
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