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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/24/2001 8:00:56 AM EST
I have some extra $$$$ (not much though) and was curious what everyone thinks would be good to buy before we see some ridiculous ant-terrorism weapons ban. I was thinking of buying a bunch of 30/20 rnd mags for my ar. Maybe even a preban lower? How much is a preban lower usually go for wholesale? let's hear what you guys think. thanks
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 8:12:25 AM EST
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[left]instead of buying new different weapons i would stick to a type and just buy spare parts for it i would imagine if a ban did/will occur you would need spare part's. example: if an AR15 i would buy a spare lower, upper, barrel's sping's, pins, etc! then if some stupid law passes to ban possession of type's then i would consider learning the art of Build it yourself weapon's. remember one thing most of us never thought that the 94 ban would ever happen but it did.[/left]
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 8:14:16 AM EST
"Guns... Lots of guns..." - Neo Seriously, If your budget is limited, buy: 1. SAR-1s 2. SAR-2s 3. Lots of AK and AR mags (while they are still cheap). 4. You may want to stock up on ammo that may be less available in the near future (5.45x39 comes to mind). 5. With a bigger budget, comes a bigger list. Post ban ARs, FALs, and other Sport Utility Rifles. Personally, I don't think that a pre-ban is worth the extra cash. If future bans are passed, today's post ban is tomorrow's pre-ban.
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 9:52:39 AM EST
.50 cals! I think that when these are banned, there will be no 'pre-bans' legal to sell except on the black market. Just my .02 FRN.
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 10:07:57 AM EST
Originally Posted By Older Crow: .50 cals! I think that when these are banned, there will be no 'pre-bans' legal to sell except on the black market. Just my .02 FRN.
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I doubt that's the case. Most likely they will go the way of the Strikers and USAS-12 shotguns. They will be reclassified as "destructive devices" and will be regulated by the NFA. You'll still be able to buy them, but you'll have to pay the tax and do the paper work. Of course new ones will probably not be allowed.
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 10:15:59 AM EST
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 11:38:43 AM EST
1.) I wouldn't waste the money on a Pre-Ban Lowers because: (a.) the law will sunset soon. (b.) whether or not it sunsets..if the SHTF happens just perform the necessary modification. Instead you should buy some extra magazines, because of additional laws that have been passed which restrict these items. You should also seriously consider buying some spare parts and reloading equipment And you should be thinking about buying a 50 caliber rifle (if you can afford it and the ammo). At the minimum your personal "armory" should have the following: 1.) Semi-Automatic Rifle with 15+ magazines and spare parts: the excess magazines are nice if you are forced into carrying an excess load in ammo or if existing magazines where out. 2.) A precision scoped bolt action Rifle. Capable of hitting a man sized target at 1000 yards. 3.) A good shotgun 4.) A good handgun in an effective defensive caliber. 5.) basic gunsmithing tools (screw drivers, files, etc.) 6.) spare parts, solvents, etc. 7.) Basic reloading equipment. 8.) Load Bearing Vest, suitable camoflaged clothing for your environment (if it is a city, shirt and jeans! :-) ). 9.) a cheap but good range finder. 10.) Binoculars, Night Vision Gear if you can afford it,
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 11:45:53 AM EST
I would buy all the 'bans from Afganistan I could get my hands on. After the war starts, their manufacturing plants will be severely cut back. We'll probably have trade embargos against them too. You did mean tur-bans, didn't you? [}:)]
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 12:52:31 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/24/2001 12:53:01 PM EST by cnatra]
Originally Posted By Bostonterrier97: 1.) I wouldn't waste the money on a Pre-Ban Lowers because: (a.) the law will sunset soon.
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Your dreaming...nothing wrong with dreaming though [:)]
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 6:09:12 PM EST
I wish I had the $$$ for a .50! If I did, that would be my first choice! [sniper]
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 6:25:12 PM EST
Magazines, lots of magazines. They will have the greatest percentage of increase when they start drying up.
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 6:32:30 PM EST
I just bought a Serbu .50 If you can spare the $$, you should too!
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 6:41:44 PM EST
Mags Ammo Spare parts Not getting many more guns for a while cpermd
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 6:42:24 PM EST
bolt actions(might be considered a sniper rifle) ar lowers.I passed on getting at least 2 more before the prk ban now i only own one.
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 6:44:30 PM EST
Can someone explain this ban to me?
Link Posted: 9/24/2001 6:55:01 PM EST
Lots of mags for existing guns. No USA junk, rather real military ones. Any military type weapons you can find in PRIVATE SALE. A couple bolt action cheapies. Mosin Nagant and Mauser. Ammo is cheap and you tend to not shoot them much. Really inexpensive guns but they are made to LAST in horrible conditions. AMMO. All you can pay for. Even on credit card if need be. When you need it the time has passed to get it. Ammo may be most vulnerable to limits or bans. Buy with cash and do not have it shipped. You don't want anyone coming to the door saying "I have records here showing that you are accumulating a large quantity of xxx." In these times, be very afraid. Up to you as to who.
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 4:43:19 AM EST
Get a .50 If you have a cool local dealer, have him order it and pay it off over time. There is nothing else out there like squeezing off a 50 cal round near dark.
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 5:28:03 AM EST
AR50Troll is correct. Buy a 50. I would also add that you should buy as many transferable Class III weapons as you can afford. Once you own Class III weapons, Semi-Autos seem to collect dust in the safe.
Link Posted: 9/25/2001 5:49:22 AM EST
Box cutters.
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