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Posted: 8/23/2005 6:21:16 PM EDT
I know this has been asked before, but I'm also looking for a little advice:

I've been seriously planning on getting out of NY and moving to Colorado. While I'm in Colorado, I get a call saying I got into the Ironworkers Union here in NY. It's a 100K a year job with a ton of benifits.

The bad thing is the commute. I have a 2005 Ford F250 Diesel and a motorcycle and the round trip is about 1 hour and 30 minutes (50 miles each way)

I did some quick calculating, and this is what I figure it will cost me just to get to work:

3 hours/day * 5 days a week * 50 weeks a year = 750 hours * $20.00/hr = $15,000
Buy cheap car for commute: $3,000
Mantainence: $1,000
Fuel: $2,250
Stress: Who knows

TOTAL: $21,250

I'll have to earn $30,000 to take home that.

WHat do you guys think?!?
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:22:15 PM EDT
I have to drive about a mile to work.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:22:55 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/24/2005 11:27:46 AM EDT by 4xys2xxs]
About a mile.

eta: 3-5 minute travel time.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:23:21 PM EDT
About 3 or 4 miles.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:23:50 PM EDT
My office is at home, but I use about 75 gallons a week doing sales and inspections.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:24:30 PM EDT
1.8 miles.
Engine's barely warmed up by the time I park my truck each morning....

Evening commute is a little longer... by about 4 minutes.
Biggest down-side is that my boss knows how close I live, and they know I drive a TANK, so I have no excuse on snow days.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:25:16 PM EDT
13 miles....usually less than 15 minutes.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:26:31 PM EDT
I was hoping to have one of the shortest ones at around 3 miles.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:27:08 PM EDT
9 miles. It takes a full fifteen minutes. Wasting my life away in traffic!
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:27:20 PM EDT
77 miles in the morning and 77 miles in the evening.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:27:55 PM EDT
1/5th of a mile. By the time I get to my car, stick my bag in it, lock my gun up in it, drive to work, get out, unlock my shit, get my bag and walk into work. I could have just walked if I had my CCW.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:28:04 PM EDT
74 miles roundtrip
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:28:25 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/23/2005 6:29:57 PM EDT by sysop]
It's about a 15 second walk from my bed to my primary office.

When I actually have to go in to my cubicle it's a 45+ minute commute as long as there are no flat tires, fender benders or people pulled over enroute then it's about an hour. If there is a serious accident.......
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:28:29 PM EDT
If I'm at the school, it's about 15 minutes away.

If I'm at my internship, it's 2 hours away + DC traffic.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:28:33 PM EDT
Just under 20 miles.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:28:41 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/23/2005 6:30:19 PM EDT by AR15fan]
Due to traffic It takes half the time to drive home at night as it does to go to work in the afternoon.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:29:33 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:30:03 PM EDT
about 1/3 of a mile...1 and a half minutes to get through the stop sign and school zone.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:30:50 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Aimless:
1/2 hour-if I walk

Do you mean NYC?

Yep. From Suffolk
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:33:32 PM EDT
12 seconds from my bedroom/bathroom to my office.

20 seconds if traffic is heavy.

3 minutes if I make coffee before going to the office.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:33:54 PM EDT
If I walk about 8 minutes
If I ride my bike about 4 minutes
If I drive about 2 minutes
2 stop signs and one right turn
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:36:05 PM EDT
Approx 25 miles from my house to the White House. No I don't work there. Usually about 40 minutes in a carpool in the morning and 50 minutes home. If I drive and take metro (subway) it is around 1:15 to work and about the same home.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:36:21 PM EDT
As long as it takes me to walk downstairs.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:36:43 PM EDT
55 miles round trip about hour and ten minutes driving, sometimes more depending on traffic.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:40:41 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:41:34 PM EDT
2-20 miles depends.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:42:06 PM EDT
35-75 minutes depending on traffic-each way.

Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:44:05 PM EDT
51 miles, usually do it in under an hour

Company car and gas though !
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:45:20 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/23/2005 6:47:21 PM EDT by Cold_Warrior]
Used to be 24 miles, 1-4 hours each way (worst commute on the planet, Hiway 101 and 405 in LA); had a few times with 6 hour commutes when there was a slow speed chase, 5 hours one way when shithead Clinton was getting a haircut. Now it's going to be 83 miles each way and hopefully 1 hour 15 min. After I can scrape up enough dough to move to the town where I'm working I should be able to walk to work, 500 yds, no more than 10 minutes.

Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:45:33 PM EDT
Wow alot of short commutes.

Maybe I should take the pay cuy and move to Colorado. Exchange money and benefits for freedom, fitness, and the mountains.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:46:01 PM EDT
5 minutes.

Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:46:48 PM EDT
3-4 minutes, but I usually drive around for about twenty trying to talk myself into showing up
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:48:51 PM EDT
43 miles each way. 45 to 50 mins. am 50 to 55 mins. pm
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:50:19 PM EDT
I'm at work as soon as I leave the house
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:50:24 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:53:07 PM EDT
about 250 feet.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:58:10 PM EDT
Right now, 5 miles. I live really close to downtown Cleveland.

If I get my DC job, I'll have a 30 min. to an hour commute. That will take some getting used to, but I'll use the Metro time to read and relax.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:58:24 PM EDT
40 mph for 20 min, + 65 mph for 20 min. Almost no traffic.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:59:45 PM EDT
Depends on where I work. Anywhere from 30 minutes to six hours.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 6:59:54 PM EDT
22 miles, but I don't go into the office every day. Depending on the time of year, I go into the office between one and four times a week.

Link Posted: 8/23/2005 7:04:46 PM EDT
Block and a half.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 7:08:13 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/23/2005 7:10:14 PM EDT by legonas]
37.5 miles, both ways, 75 miles a day, about :45-1 hour each way. costs me between 6-7$ a day in gas to get too and from work. i drive a 02 ford ranger. every third week im on call and sometimes make the drive back and forth 4-5 times unless i want to hang around at work all day. and all OT is now "comp time" and not time and a half so im not even getting paid for it.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 7:40:44 PM EDT
21.4 miles , with 19 of that being interstate highway .
My best time has been around 17 min and the worst
over 3 hrs . On average it's 25-30 min .

I've had better and I've had worse commutes over the years
but I find the 20-30 min trip to be ideal . It gives me enough
time to drink a cup of coffee in the morning , and enough
time to wind down in the evening if it's been a bad day .
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 8:11:08 PM EDT
Seven miles one way
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 8:15:26 PM EDT
8 minutes.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 8:20:07 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/23/2005 8:20:36 PM EDT by www-glock19-com]
used to be 62miles one way 1hr 15mins
thanks to OPEC I now walk across the street
I am able to get a small apartment plus cable for just a bit more than i was paying for gas
now it is bit less than i would be paying for gas
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 8:21:55 PM EDT
I can make it to work in 30 seconds.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 8:31:48 PM EDT
74 miles round trip.

I spend two hours a day on the road.

Commute + cost of gas + 12hr shift = 1 tired / broke rabbit.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 8:34:25 PM EDT
20 minutes to get about 12 miles. Each way. No biggie.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 8:35:09 PM EDT
I'm only 23 miles from the airport here in the ATL and it only takes me 20 min. to get there. What sucks is my truck gets 21 mile to the sallon and that mean I roughly burn 2 gallons of gas to go to work and back and that costs me over $5.00 a day.
Link Posted: 8/23/2005 8:39:32 PM EDT
1mile round trip, I should walk but I dont
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