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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/30/2001 4:41:43 PM EST
Years ago I was a guardsman in an MP unit. We were just going to A2s, and still had some A1s. The unit had untold extra rounds. We who were at this weekend and wanted to shoot loaded for hours, with stripper clips!! We took multiple trips to the firing line just to haul the magazines out there (there were foot lockers full of magazines) Then we were ready to night fire. They ended up turning up the lights so we could shoot at 50 yards (the flicker popup thing being too slow.) I shot so much that the barrel turned bright red, even with the shields I had to hold by the magazine, and if I did not get off the bolt release and on the trigger within 2-3 seconds the rounds would start cooking off. I had my left hand (on the mag) in a glove, and even then the hand and my face felt like it was getting hot/sunburned. That was my absolute best time shooting an AR/M-16. Full auto just rocks. When it was over, I knew how to hold an AR on target during auto fire. The guns? They may have went to the shredder, but they went all wore out and happy. What is your cool story?
Link Posted: 6/30/2001 4:47:50 PM EST
My first time out with the Washington Shooters/AR15.com guys at the pit, so far... It was the most unrestricted yet organized and safe time I've had shooting, also. Great folks to be with and shoot with. Watching some of them doin' "da Bump" was a blast!
Link Posted: 6/30/2001 5:47:00 PM EST
Army times... My first time on full auto, we just finished qualifing and i got a "sharpshooter" 35 out fo 40.. not bad for first time shooting. Well we went from there to the full auto range and it was great. we even used tracers. this was at Ft Benning Ga, infantry training. After the Army. At my friend farm in PA, we just came from the harrisburg gun show as we had a great time trying out our new toys, i had bought a model 1 upper "m4" and broke it in. lots of fun.
Link Posted: 6/30/2001 6:03:19 PM EST
"What is the best time shooting a AR" When you're shooting someone else's ammo instead of yours.
Link Posted: 6/30/2001 7:03:15 PM EST
For me, it was my first time shooting an M-16. It was a rental M-16/9mm subgun 11.5" at "The Gun Store" in Las Vegas, NV. [:D] Mike
Link Posted: 6/30/2001 7:28:17 PM EST
My best time shooting an AR was at a stuffy Massachusetts rifle range where I got the, "You must be an evil militia member look." It was interesting that one of the guys I let shoot my rifle said after putting a 30-rounder through my AR that I should not be able to own such a "weapon of mass destruction."
Link Posted: 6/30/2001 9:37:13 PM EST
My best time shooting an AR, was my first. I was lucky enough that the first AR I ever held and had the pleaser to shoot was a dealer sample full auto. I have been hooked ever sense. That was 2 years ago and now I am up to 4 ARs and getting into the building stage. SCAR
Link Posted: 6/30/2001 10:02:30 PM EST
wen i was at a indoor range and the guy next to me had a m16 A1 with a ciener 22 conversion and he let me blow thru 3 mags worth for free [:D] hey man if your reading this thank u so much
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