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Posted: 7/4/2001 3:04:41 PM EDT
OT - Anyone ever hear of "3EBB"? I was looking around for an answer on the "12 mile rule" in International Law for another thread (It doesn't exist), & ran across this. I don't know WTF kind of board "3EBB" is, but, it's always interesting to see how many pro-gunners there really are internationally. Along with plenty of (our own home brewed) antis of course. Re:
Junon 3e writes: Where I live, you cannot Own a Gun. There are strict laws on Knifes. Having Possession of a Gun without a special License (which is only open to specific Citizens, such as farmers who need a gun, or Police). Get Caught with a gun here, get arrested, get punished. Period. There is no But in it. ....................... Hit and Run works both ways, as does defectors. The Government learns that a large militia is hiding in a City Block. Very well, they corner it off, and Bomb it to the ground with Incendiary weapons. Regardless of how many tanks the Government has, trained Soldiers, armed with Automatic weapons which fire AP Bullets (Hollow tipped if you live where I do) wearing a good 7 inches of Bullet Proof Armor, trained in the art of war. Several Platoons of these people could take on hundreds of Civilians. Because the Civilians, although they know how to shoot, are uncoordinated, unarmoured, and don't have the knowledge and know how of combat. Does the Tiananmen Square ring a bell? If not what about Bloody Sunday in 19th Century Russia?"
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Link Posted: 7/4/2001 3:23:04 PM EDT
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