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Posted: 9/14/2004 7:34:37 PM EDT
Heard this last night on the Mark something or other night time talk radio show.

In a elementry school class the teacher asks the kids to tell what their parents do for a living. The kids are all to eager to tell and are waving their hands. Except little Johnny way in the back. They all say the usual, like doctor, policeman, salesman, etc. They all get done, except Johnny. The teacher asks Johnny to stand up and tell the class what his father does.

Johnny stands up, "ok, well, my dad is a male stripper in a gay caberet where men pay money to watch him take his clothes off. Sometimes he goes into the audience and dances right in front of them. And sometimes, if someone pays enough money he goes out back and has sex with him."

The teacher was aghast and rapidly got all the other children doing something and then takes Johnny out in the hall.

"Johnny, is all that you said true?" asks the teacher.

Johnny says, "no........


My dad works for the Kerry campaign, but I was too embarrassed to to tell the other kids that.
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