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Posted: 1/22/2013 4:05:36 AM EDT
I was watching a DVD of "The Bionic Woman" over the weekend where the director and the writer of the episode were talking.

It seemed like they were more concerned about themselves than to say much about the episode. I understand that it was about their work they did practically a quarter of a century ago, but they seemed so uninterested about it, one wonders why they even bothered. For example, they treated Herbert Jefferson, Jr. like he was a one or two appearances in his career.......and not a highly recognized face of the 70's.

As it was, I turned it off after about ten minutes.

Now for a writer and a director, they can probably get away with it because they aren't faces people know. For an actress or actor, though, it might be a shot in the foot, in that if they are disinterested, the viewer might realize how shallow they are and avoid their work in the future.
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