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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/16/2002 12:01:10 AM EST
Ok. Just out of curiosity - here's a situation a -ahem- friend of mine got into. You walk out of a bar. Your brother has been talking to a girl for a while. A guy who got rejected by the girl earlier gets pissed and cracks your brother in the jaw. Your brother gets up (brother took a hell of hit - outweighed 275 to 150 by the guy - and goes after the attacker. You see what happens, tackle the guy & toss him down a flight of stairs. Attacker guy's buddy grabs you in a choke hold, you turn it around on him but before you can crack him, off-duty LEO tackles you both & throws you down the stairs. This sucks, but situation defused. Guy & you realize its a stupid drunken fight-over-a-useless-tramp kinda brawl & part ways. LEO keeps yelling & talking shit & saying get off property. Problem, instigator of fight is known to start this crap at various bars no matter how much time has passed after perceived transgression. (Personally, if you don't have game, don't get pissed at those who do...) Where do you go from there? My -ahem- personal choice would be, go grab some beers & some good Tex-Mex at another place & avoid said bar for a couple of weeks - if you run into other guys offer them a beer & if that doesn't settle it go from there. Problems - the aforementioned guy who won't let things drop & others thought that complaint should be filed w/ civilian review board over off-duty LEO's overzealous actions... I disagree, I say the steroid abusing, angry liitle man cop was just doing his off-duty "job," but whatever. BTW, I live in the city that was (seriously) rated as the worst in terms of steroid abusing LEO'S. I'll let you guys play w/ that answer. What do you guys think? This is all "hypothetical" of course. And NO, firing off 31 warning shots to whomever was NOT an option... I blame the womenz...
Link Posted: 8/16/2002 12:28:34 AM EST
Well, for all practical purposes your brother's fight is your fight, so you're involved, like it or not. Your idea sounds good. If the friend of the guy who jumped your brother is half way cool, next time you see him, buy him a beer and see if you can convince him to speak to the asshole to try to get him to drop the matter. I would not change my life for the asshole. If he continues to be a pain in the ass, you can try the legal way (a restraining order) and if that doesn't work, there are other ways to handle the situation. HTH.
Link Posted: 8/16/2002 1:11:30 AM EST
Stay out of such rough bars. Raise your standards. Frequent establishments where people don't seek to behave in such a fashion.
Link Posted: 8/16/2002 1:33:46 AM EST
Ben, I appreciate the response but unfortunately in this, -cough- hypothetical situation, this is one of the top bar/clubs in one of the largest cities in North America. Guess it doesn't matter where you go... Anyway, I personally don't think it's a big deal, but the people involved hold professional licenses that are always under review. This means that whether an altercation was there fault or not, they could get into major crap over it. My main problem was not w/ what happened b/w the two parties, but the way the ass-juice enhanced LEO handled the situation. I doubt LEO's are handed Henry Kissinger's book "Diplomacy" before they are sent out on the job, but it might do them better than injecting a couple of cc's of Deca into their asses & then manhandling everyone they deem as a problem. Well, maybe it would cut down on civlian review board complaints... The main problem as I see it is that the local LEO's don't get paid jack unfortunately & so they work after-hours as bar-bouncers to pad their income. Problem is that even though they are off-duty, they wear the uni & the gear and act as if they are on duty all the time. This is a problem...
Link Posted: 8/16/2002 10:25:48 AM EST
What was the "LEO" doing during the initial attack on your brother? Or, was the initial attack "OK?" Does this so called LEO have some relationship with the other thugs so that it's ok for them to attack someone, but when those attacked defend themselves, the LEO steps in?
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