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Posted: 7/28/2002 9:05:33 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/28/2002 9:21:59 AM EDT by operatorerror]
Another simple question. What political party are you registered with as a voter? Are you a registered Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Etc.?
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 9:14:48 AM EDT
I think I've only voted for one Democrat, and that was in a local election, because the Republican candidate was a crook![:D] That said, I still will vote for the person for each office whose views most closely resemble mine, regardless of party.
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 9:30:46 AM EDT
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 9:48:22 AM EDT
Constitution Party [url]http://www.ustaxpayers.org/[/url]
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 9:50:22 AM EDT
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 12:24:31 PM EDT
Registered Republican. I will vote for the best person everytime. Sometimes that means voting Democrat. But never for an office higher than state governor or state congress critter. They get too liberal the further from home they get. Any more, I think more along the lines of the Libertarian party though.
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 1:01:56 PM EDT
I've never voted in a primary because I've always considered myself an independent. Even though I like to have my guns I've been voting for Democrats more often in the general elections in recent years. I won't vote for a canidate based on a single issue only, no matter how close to my heart that issue is.
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 2:43:07 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 2:52:14 PM EDT
Damn! I figured I'd find at least one socialist troll in here looking for a fight. Republican, but I'd vote libertarian if they could get someone to run for pres who wasn't a nut job.
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 2:52:42 PM EDT
I'm registered as a Democrat (hold you horses!) so I can fvck with their primaries. Politically, I'm closest to being a Libertarian. I think Larry Elder is right, there is about ten cents difference between the Republicans and Democrats. I'll go so far as to say that 95% of those in high office ought to be tarred & feathered & ridden out of Washington on a rail. I vote for the person whose personal beliefs most closely match my own. And I long for the day when "None of the Above" makes it on the ballot.
Link Posted: 7/28/2002 3:04:24 PM EDT
You either vote Libertarian or you're a Facist!
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 3:12:48 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 9:15:56 PM EDT
Only one communist? I know of a couple here. [:D]
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 9:52:23 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/29/2002 9:52:57 PM EDT by kill-9]
I tend to vote Republican, but I'm not a full platform supporter. The only reason I vote for them is that their proposed limits on personal freedom (abortion, drugs) tend to effect me less directly than the Democrats proposed limits on personal freedom (taxes, guns). -kill-9
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 9:55:36 PM EDT
Originally Posted By KBaker: ... I think Larry Elder is right, there is about ten cents difference between the Republicans and Democrats. ...
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BTW, Larry Elder's show went into national syndication today. Look for it on your local ABC radio station. You may not agree with everything he says, but he's as pro 2nd as they get. [url] www.larryelder.com [/url]
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 11:08:20 PM EDT
I am proud to be a member of the finest political organization in Californistan: "Declined to State".
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 11:19:01 PM EDT
Libertarian! Waiting for a state where y'all free to do whatever the hell you want as long as it doesn't bother others, in which case prepare to take responsibility for it.
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 11:31:52 PM EDT
I am registered as "Decline Party Affiliation" I lean more towards the Independent/Reform party though.
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 11:38:39 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 11:40:45 PM EDT
Registered republican. Vote Allan Keys in the primary and Bush in the general election. Will not vote for a Democrat and also will never ever vote for another Bush. THISISME
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 11:46:57 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 11:52:51 PM EDT
kpel308, I’m with you all the way. THISISME
Link Posted: 7/30/2002 12:01:54 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/30/2002 12:02:53 AM EDT by M4_Aiming_at_U]
LOL I wonder if all the supposed ATF [:o)]'s and the FBI [:o)]'s that monitor this site are the ones voting for the Communist option ? Edited to add the clowns.
Link Posted: 7/30/2002 3:58:03 AM EDT
Link Posted: 7/30/2002 4:39:01 AM EDT
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