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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/12/2001 6:13:33 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/12/2001 6:16:46 PM EST by Gargoyle]
Have our citizens been fooled into thinking that a cell phone is the savior of all problems? At least a few of our people on the fourth plane refused to be sheep! If more people would have took action, rather than talked on a cell phone, or worse, just sat in submission, maybe the outcome would have been better. Then again, our people are like sheep and don't realize that their numbers alone can defeat the wolves. Now I'm not blaming the Jews in the Holocaust for not rushing the Waffen SS armed with guns. The SS probably had enough ammunition to handle all of them. I'm talking about only three to four people armed with plastic knives! That's all it takes to highjack an American plane these days? Whatever happened to the innate drive of the American spirit for winning, fighting, and competition? Oh I forgot, that matters only in the business arena these days! Hell, you would think that even enough false "Hollywood" propaganda, "the bad guys always lose", would instill the need to act in people of even the most limited in ability! On another plane of thought. (no pun intended) Thank God the 2nd amendment was created and didn't get erased from our constitution! I hope America realizes the need for this right! It offers the right to individuals to defend against attacks from evil. (on the ground at least) We would all pay dearly trying to fight off immediate threats with a "Cell phone amendment!" Not that I wanted the recent terrorist to happen as an example, but I hope that America realizes that the act of killing is in the intent of the person and not the gun! It is the person behind the tool, not the tool that dictates the actions of the user. (Ye'up, just like guns are causing crime, there will no more plastic picnic spoons or shaving razors! Somehow they are possessing people to highjack planes!) Evil is not going to soften, instead it is going grow more brutal and wicked. As per Bible prophecy, the manual that has mapped the human heart perfectly. We should not weaken, we should grow strong for what is right, for self-perseverance, and what is good for all men. Self-defense is identified through laws made by God in the Old testament, Exodus 22:2. Now, if that means using a slingshot and throwing a stone at 300 feet per second was self-defense in B.C. times, then my 900 feet per second .45 caliber hollow point of today is no different; same act, more advanced tool! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When asked years later why he didn't move on to the American Mainland after the Pearl harbor attack, a Japanese admiral respond by saying: "You are right", he told the Americans. "We did indeed know much about your preparedness. We knew that probably every second home in your country contained firearms. We knew that your country actually had state championships for private citizens shooting military rifles. We were not fools to set foot in such quicksand."
Link Posted: 9/12/2001 6:53:11 PM EST
I doubt that a similar mistake will be made again. The next hijacker that pops up will likely be drawn and quartered before the plane lands. Kill 'em all.
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