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Posted: 9/30/2004 9:34:17 PM EDT
Sorry if this is a redundant thread. This is a neutral point of view for both candidates.

The first thing that pissed me off was when Kerry says that he will bring America stronger Allies. I dont know what planet this guy lives on, but there arent a billion countries. The countries think for themself. The president of the United States cant dictate to other countries how and when to help in anything.

First thing I remember saying out loud was "Is Kerry running for President of the United States or some other country". I didnt understand how he talked about making other countries help us. And how he could guarantee anything, since he doesnt hold office in any other country. Maybe the Chinese paid him off and will work on converting the US to the Chinese government.

Next thing that pissed me off was when Kerry said that he would sign more treaties and make other countries like us better (something like that). I found myself agreeing with Bush that this guy will make foreign policy to appeal to other countries just to make them like us better all while going against what the United States beleives in. To cave in to other countries demands.

Next thing I remember was agreeing with Kerry that the US Military could of drawn up a better plan for Iraq. That it could of been done more safely. If it was the US Military's command decision to do it with 100,000 troops fine. But they shouldnt be rolling down Baghdad and Fallujah with our hummers and tanks. Watching the special on the discovery channel called "Fight for Baghdad" made it evident that it is extremely dangerous to be anywhere near populated areas. We arent about dropping bombs killing thousands of civilians. So why drive through the enemy's cities? If we cant react to anything with 100% force like a good old fashioned all out carpet bombing and artillery, then we shouldnt be in that area at all. I think the 1000+ deaths in Iraq is evidence of this. We fought the war stupid. And we continue to fight the war stupidly.

Next thing I agreed with Kerry on that Border Patrol is a joke. Bush has been saying that he wants to better equip the Border control to do the job, but he has been saying that for 4 years now. I agreed with Kerry that why isnt it our Military who is protecting our border? What good is it going to do if terrorists can get into the country? WHat good does it do if the tons and tons of drugs enter the country every day? What good does it do that there are more illegal immigrants in the country then ever before? Why is nothing being done? And why does the world's superpower not have a grasp of its own country before it is off playing safe the world 1000's of miles away? I think the borders need to be closed. And the only people who want to get in should do so legally with a VISA(green card? or whatever they are supposed to have) and go through the proper procedures.

The next thing I agreed with Kerry on was on why the Bush Administration did nothing about North Korea kicking out weapons inspectors, making nuclear weapons, and defying the world in its quest to protect itself. Do these Koreans think that their communist hell hole is worth defending? Bush I think Bush and America needs to suck up to any and all consequences and go after more of the worlds problems. I dont doubt that Iraq wasnt a problem. And I dont doubt that Afghanistan wasnt a problem. But I think Iran and North Korea and Syria and Lebanon and Saudi Arabia etc. are either 10X more dangerous or just as bad. We need to bring it to them for the sake of our children and our future.

Next thing I disagreed with was when kerry said to disband our weapons programs. It is the weapons that brings peace to the world when all else fails. If kerry wasnt being paid off by the chinese then he would be all about defeinding America. It is bunker buster bombs that are going to fight terrorists hiding in caves, and people building nuclear stockpiles underground. National Security is more important then foreign relationships. This is the United States of America. Not United countries of Earth. Kerry isnt whats best for this country at this particular period in time.

I missed the beginning and I missed the end so I cant comment on anything else that was talked about. If I had to vote today I would vote for Bush. Bush has problems and I dont think he is absolutely the brightest light bulb (Noone is perfect) and he has alot to learn on sounding like a hypocrite. The war on terror should be alot more proactive then what it is. He sounds like he is throwing idle threats at this point. And I think he can let the Military do what it has to do (be more safe, dont take unnecesary risk just for progress in taking out the enemy). I think Bush can be reeducated. I think his foreign policy with Korea and the Middle East could get better. He isnt far off, but he aint there yet. And I think Bush could get tough on National Security and close our borders and either put the National Guard on the border or really give the Border patrol the funding and training it needs.

Kerry on the other hand I just dont agree with him fundamentally. I look at him and I say what a traitor how did this guys ever get in the Senate? Sure wasnt me who voted for him. He is no better then a late night redundant infomercial that is all hype and for the most part lies and nonsense. And he also contradicts himself alot. He also beat around alot of questions in the debate I felt. And he just seems like an idiot. I dont like him. And im not ashamed to vote for Bush.

Bush if your reading this, just please dont let me down next term. Start thinking like an American and not like a John Kerry. Get tough on terrorism and close the borders. And let immigrants into this country by the way they are supposed to by law. And stop drugs. And stand by the Constitution. Good luck Mr Bush. Kerry, take you, and your family to some other country.

God Bless America. Long live Freedom.
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