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Posted: 8/17/2001 3:11:32 PM EDT
This is the red light district of Sydney, and can either be notoriously dangerous or fun. We chose the fun side, as we went down to the Burbon and Beefsteak for drinks, and then to an East Indian Eatery, then back to the B&B for more booze, and then the train back to Cronulla. The Sproukers lining the street in 'The Cross' trying to recruit us to 'watch' live sex shows and other XXX features. Hookers, out in abundance ( prostitution is legal here), whilst herion deals going on around you, and junkies in 'zombie mode' walking about. All right in front of you, and there, this is normal activity. Just never ever take an alley, or get off the main track. What a place! However would have felt better with a PPK in my pocket. It was safety in numbers, and a 'couple' thing too. We really had fun. For those of you that have been and seen this place (tourists and US Military Forces from various ships and carriers docked in the Harbour), this must stir some happy memories. Almost like Amesterdam. It was good to get home, but a litte hung over this morning.
Link Posted: 8/17/2001 3:24:16 PM EDT
My wife and I went to Sydney on our honeymoon.First night out we asked for directions to get something quick to eat.we turned the wrong way and ended up in Kings Cross.We thought is the whole town like this!Never felt like we were in danger.We didnt go down any allies either.never heard any swear words either.This was in April 93.
Link Posted: 8/17/2001 3:33:24 PM EDT
We were the first U. S. Warship to visit Brisbane in 1957 since WWII. We cruised up the Brisbane River and both sides were lined up with sightseers. I had been corresponding with a pen pal girl and she came on board the destroyer when we docked. We later went to Sydney but I took 2 weeks leave and flew back to Brisbane to spend time with her and her family. The Aussie's were the most friendly people I ever met. I could hardly spend any money. Too bad that you are starting to loose you freedom like we are in the former USA. I considered Australia like the USA was in the 1800's with the unexplored land, etc. Been to New Zealand a couple of times also.
Link Posted: 8/17/2001 3:41:29 PM EDT
Hey Feral1, missed Kings Cross when I worked nine weeks in Oz two years ago. Of course, I actually didn't get into Sydney very much; was too busy with work. Stayed up around the northern beaches (had a beautiful condo in Palm Beach). Rode the L90 into Sydney for the City to Surf run one Sunday, but drove the company ute in most of the time when I had to go. Would've liked to have explored the city more, but ran out of time, plus I was mostly solo. Besides City to Surf and the Pub to Pub run, the most memorable thing was going to a local dirt bike enduro at the Louee sheep station. Mate, everybody warned me it would be rocky and ugly, but I thought it felt like I was at home! Well, except for the 'roo that bounded away as I completed the first lap--don't get many of those in the U.S. [:)]
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