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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/6/2003 9:22:14 PM EST
LOL ....The AF guy was just about fall down drunk and the DJ was relentless on the microphone taunting him. Didn't take long for the guy to drill him one. He got kicked out and no cops were involved. On my exit I mentioned that he pushed him a bit too far but he didn't seem to understand why the guys was pissed. The DJ was HAMMERING him with insults.
I must say I may have done the same thing.

Anyway, it was kinda funny.
Link Posted: 12/6/2003 9:28:01 PM EST
Were the strippers hot? Or was this a $5 lap dance joint?
Link Posted: 12/6/2003 9:29:26 PM EST
AllStars in San Antonio. They looked real good.
Link Posted: 12/6/2003 10:05:06 PM EST
Originally Posted By RipMeyer: I must say I may have done the same thing.
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Yeah, I would have punched the DJ too [;)]
Link Posted: 12/6/2003 10:11:16 PM EST
Why was the DJ HAMMERING him? Because he was.... AF? Fall Down Drunk? Pushing for tips for the girls? Regardless, there was a DJ at a club in Jacksonville, FL. "Gold Club" could be the name of the place. Sat at the stage one night. The DJ was prompting the crowd/dancers that if a customer sat at the stage you better be tossing dollars. Here's an 'Atta Boy to the AF guy. Guess he taught the dickwad with the mike to mind his manners.
Link Posted: 12/6/2003 10:12:45 PM EST
funny how a microphone leads some to believe that they have some type of "power". DJ got what he deserved IMO.
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 5:43:33 AM EST
Was the AF guy in uniform?
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 5:51:35 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/7/2003 5:53:05 AM EST by RipMeyer]
Originally Posted By Jarhead_22: Was the AF guy in uniform?
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No. It was after the fight I was leaving and in the parkinglot I heard the bouncers discussing it. I mentioned to the bouncers that the DJ took it too far with the insults. One 200lb midget bouncer was all huffy puffy staring the guy down while the drunk and his buddy were going to the car. It was kinda funny to watch. The DJ was cracking alot of jokes and insults just because the guy was drunk. He was minding his own business not bothering anyone. However you could just tell he was plastered.
Link Posted: 12/7/2003 5:58:10 AM EST
Youth in Uniform + Alcohol + Naked Women + High Testosterone = Trouble 99% of the time. DJ + Microphone + Feeling like the Protector of the Strippers + Drunk Patrons = Trouble 99% of the time. Just a thought.
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