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Posted: 11/25/2001 1:37:26 PM EDT
OH BOY CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY!!! Tweetybird (my wife), Matt (my cousin) and I hit the show early on Saturday. She knows that I have been wanting a an SKS or AK for plinking (cause the .223 is breaking the bank). So she went off to "buy some new pepper spray". She comes back a half-hour later with a SWEET Chinese SKS Paratrooper in the original box. Never issued with serial # in the low 5000 range. So she hands it to me and says, "We have some parts to get for it but this is your Christmas present from me." Then she proceeds to buy a Dragunov-style sniper stock, a twist off muzzle brake, 10 30 round mags, a shell ejector guard, scope mount, a Leapers scope, a buttstock pad, a bi-pod, and 2000 rounds of CHEAP 7.62!!! I just followed her around nodding my head up and down whenever she asked me a question. Then when it was all over she said, "I hate these things and will never shoot it but I know you wanted a cheap plinker, so I hope you are happy." I am just happy with a wife who is into my hobby as much as I am.
Link Posted: 11/25/2001 1:48:23 PM EDT
Was this Hara Arena or Hillard? How was the show - in general?
Link Posted: 11/25/2001 2:11:18 PM EDT
I just got back from shooting mine. Way too much fun! I even have the leapers scope. Give them both a kiss for me, actually you better give the wife TWO! That is one [PINK]SPECIAL[/PINK] girl! (Any sisters?)
Link Posted: 11/25/2001 2:34:23 PM EDT
dang your lucky. mine usually just says later how long have you had that.
Link Posted: 11/25/2001 5:38:47 PM EDT
Originally Posted By SWS: Was this Hara Arena or Hillard? How was the show - in general?
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This was at Sharonville. Not as many guns. Pretty heavy traffic. Lots of 8mm Mausers in crappy shape. For some reason there were a lot of Hi-Points there. I saw about 15 different 9mm carbines with prices from 155-215. I think I may get one for the fun of it. LOTS OF MAGS!!! I MEAN... LOTS OF MAGS!!! USGI 20'a for 9.99 Thermold 20's for 14.95 SKS/AK 30's for $16-20 Best price on mil surplus ammo I found was $49/360 round Guatamalan BPs. For 7.62, Wolf 900 rounds for $89
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