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Posted: 1/10/2005 12:34:50 AM EDT
There is boy whom I see during the week for behavioral issues. Long story short, mom marries asshat #1, divorces him, he runs to Kanada to not pay CS. Mom marries potential asshat #2. After awhile I start hearing things from the kid and other family that has me asking questions and I asked the mother and kids about how things are going in the home. Some things were verified but the mother stated things were better and "under control". I wrote it up and had a meeting about it with my higher ups to make a paper trail.

Short time later I take the kid home and there are 2 PA Staties in their driveway. I drop him off and see it has something to do with ASSHAT#2 and his dad. Tell mom I will call her later.

Mom's mom, see's me at the school the boy goes to and she takes me aside and tells me ASSHAT#2 is getting more physical with mom but not touching the kids yet. Apparently he is following her all over the place to see where she goes, opens all their mail, even the kids, when they get something from their dad like $ or cards, monitors their phone calls, says he cant find a job when the boys uncle told me he could employ him 30 hours a week at under the table construction, plays PS2 all day etc etc. This little weasel is smooth too, he knows how to make someone feel sorry for him.

She said the Staties were there be cause ASSHAT #2 got pissed at home and took her by the throat and ASSHAT's dad interviened and they got in a fight. Grandmom says she hasn't pressed charges or gotten a restraiing order because she is afraid of him and that her kids will be taken away. He has also broken windows and put holes in walls, and broken dinnerware from what I have been told, by 3 people.

I will be talking with grandmom in the morning about something she left a message about on my machine last night. I am dropping off some information on safehouses and other services/agencies she can utilize at the boys Aunt and Uncles (the ones that COULD employ him) because he would want to see anything I would give her. I will also be telling her that if I see ANY signs of physical abuse to her or the kids I will report it myself and bear witness in court if needed. And that her failure to take action could result in her children being removed if their safety is in question.

He has been in trouble with the law b4, nothing major to my knowledge. He does have guns in the house, all rifles, he has shown me 2 of them, a old Winny, 30-30, and a Remmy 7400 30-06. He is maybe 5'4" and 150 soaking wet, I'm 5'9" or so and 220, barrel chested.

I normally dont carry when with the kids but I will when going over to his house. I will continue to play it cool over there and be "friendly" unless I see something that I shouldn't. Unless that happens I did what I can. I want to try to maintain a presence in the home and not be told by the parents or my agency to leave so at least someone can keep an eye on the situation.

Time will tell.

Link Posted: 1/10/2005 12:38:14 AM EDT
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BTW, what do you do??
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 12:50:35 AM EDT
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