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Posted: 9/17/2018 1:55:16 AM EDT
About a year ago I had a 5d MK3 and all my EF lenses but 2 , flashes filters ect where stolen out of a rental car. They took the car too.

Home Insurance rider with replacement value paid more than what I had in it, so I was happy. I knew mirror-less was coming up so I waited to replace anything

I had also taken the only card with anything on it, so no pictures where lost.

This month while on vacation my old Rebel XTi or 400d (I think)took fire from turret #1 of the USS Alabama.

Camera hit everything in the turret at least twice on the way out to the deck.

The 18-55 EFS lens took most of the beating. It no longer auto focused . We where almost done so I set it to manual and finished the tour with another 20-25 pics that came out fine.

It started getting communication errors no longer metered or auto focused.Error 99 said to clean contacts. Tried no change. Zoom glitched up. So lens was is toast, no big deal.

I tried a 35-80 and a 70-210 EF lenses and got the same error. It also wont meter or show F stop, so camera has issues.

I may get an adapter for some older manual lenses just to keep from tossing it.

My old point and shoot Samsung NV15 also craped out. Knew the setting backward and forwards. Lens was very slightly soft but a great camera otherwise. Looking around and man has that market changed. I'm not fond of the phone camera in general either.

I preferred Canon of Nikon but would not rule that out either way. I have had Nikons and sold everything I had maybe a month before all my Canon stuff was stolen.

I'm not set on anything. I only have two old cheap EF lenses left and they work on my film EOS camera I still have.

So what is out there ? Budget I'm not set on.

I did like having a cheaper backup like my Rebel and the 1.6 factor on the EF lenses with the 5D.

So suggestions on full frame and smaller cmos cameras needed.

I also need a point and shoot. Prefer shirt pocket size and somewhat inexpensive on that.
Link Posted: 9/18/2018 7:02:09 AM EDT
I own the Canon Rebel T6i, no issues to note. It works fantastic with my Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L is II USM lens.
The T7i is the newer Rebel.
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