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Posted: 12/30/2002 11:15:41 AM EDT
OK, guys - I got a new CZ-75 pistol recently, with a brushed nickel finish.  I've shot it once (about 50 rounds) and then cleaned it and put it in my car's glove compartment.  I took it out a few days ago and noticed what appears to be some rust on the crown of the muzzle of the barrel.  Not inside, mind you, but on the outside crown.  This is supposedly a stainless steel barrel.  I also noticed a little on the other end of the barrel where the chamber is (this is the area that can be seen from where the slide is cut (ejection port).  SO I cleaned it again and buffed it a little with some steel wool.  Well, today I pulled out the pistol again and it had the same little flecks of what appears to be rust in the same damn places, and a little on the front site (blued metal).

WTF?  What am I doing wrong here, guys?  DO I need to buff it out again, and oil it down heavily?  Store the gun in a gunsock while in my glove compartment?  Switch to a Glock for car storage use?  I've never had this problem with Glocks.
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I used to carry a Berretta 92-F as a service weapon and had a similar experience..... put it in my trunk with the rest of my tactical gear to find it rusted and pitted in a weeks time.  I think some guns are more prone to rust than others and some cars are more prone to condensation.  I did however get rid of the Berretta and replaced it with an HK-USP and haven't had any such problems since.  One of my larger HK's is stored in my trunk most of the year with my tac-gear and it is as nice as the day I bought it five years ago.
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Stainless steel will certainly rust.  It has concetrations of chrome-moly where it will begin to pit and go from there.  Try Eezox on your gun. A member did a test with that lube and sprayed it for 3 weeks with salt water out in the open and it never rusted.
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 12:38:49 PM EDT
Problem is most likely there is no air circulation in the glove box, you are essentially putting your pistol into a green house environment. It may not be practicable but you really need to avoid putting the pistol in the glove box at all if you can help.

I would look for some brass wool to try and remove the rust; the steel wool will scratch the pistol more than the brass wool.
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Stain[b][i]less[/b][/i] is more accurately called Stain[b][i] resistant[/b][/i] steel.
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 1:21:26 PM EDT
This is not too unusual.  I keep a Glock or a stainless gun in my car because if the conditions are right, a blued gun will rust in no time.  You usually jus get a little discolration with stainless, no pitting.  You can use a polish like Simicrome or Fitz to help protect your stainless finish.  CORROSSION X is a very good product also.
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 1:49:53 PM EDT
Simicrome may work. Not to hijack your thread but, please do not leave your pistol in your glove box!!!!!!!That is the first place a creep looks, then under the seat...
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 2:11:50 PM EDT
Clean rust, oil entire gun AFTER removing all plastic or anything else that doesn't like heat.
Grab wifes brownie pan, (this part is best accomplished when wife sleeping or shopping), stick in oven...bake 2hours at 300F, or until done. This should open the pores of the metal, and get the oil to protect it somewhat.
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 2:24:41 PM EDT
You might try using auto polish on it instead of oil. I had A nickel plated Python that looked horrible with gun oil on it so I used auto polish and had no problems.
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