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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/10/2005 12:05:11 PM EDT
Don't know how true this is but it is kinda cool.


From the website:

In 1927, a major unnamed hurricane struck the city of New Orleans.
It was actually more powerful than Katrina. The scope of damage
was much more severe because this particular hurricane actually hit
the city. Katrina missed it by 25 miles.

The interesting difference is the response the government gave in
1927 to those hurricane refugees, compared to the refugees of Katrina, err-
I meant "survivors" ---(sorry Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson).
How much aid did the government dispense at that time? Zero, nada,
not one dime. And you know how much aid the army offered? The only
aid from the army came in the form of loaning the city of New Orleans
tents and camp stoves. Ironically, later, the army sued the city for
reimbursement. So what was the big difference here?

It was the attitude the people had towards the government at that time,
compared to the attitude that Katrina's victims have. The 1927 "survivors"
expected nothing from the government. 80 years ago, people understood
that the government was there to "protect life, liberty and the pursuit
of happiness." Today, Americans expect the government to "provide
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." That's a major difference.
And now, a week later, when the government failed on all three levels
of local, state, and federal to provide for their needs, Americans
were sorely disappointed.

Reverend Jackson and reverend Sharpton spend their opportunities
arguing about semantics."They shouldn't be called refugees, they should
be called survivors" Unfortunately, they missed the boat. It was a
perfect opportunity to deliver a very basic message to their people.

Fact, if you are poor and uneducated in America, this is what happens.
Fact, if you depend on the government, you will be sorely disappointed.
Fact, if you are poor in America, there is no reason for you to be
uneducated. Its free! 12 grades. And if you really apply yourself,
there is enough grants and assistance out there for higher education,
which will raise you above the poverty level. And no longer will you
depend on the government and be disappointed. Its unfortunate that this
lesson will be missed by most of the "survivors".

A couple of other points should be brought to light. G. W. has asked
the congress for 50 billion dollars worth of aid for the "survivors"
and clean up of the city. Interesting isn't it? one million people
displaced and out of work in that city, sitting all day in shelters,
waiting for the next handout. Of course, the thought never occured to
anyone that just maybe, "hey, we should give all these folks jobs filling
sand bags to plug the levees and clearing trees." (Wonder how many of
them would want government aid if they had to work for it?)

And finally, they haven't hardly begun the task of picking up dead
bodies, and already the finger pointing has started. The congressional
hearings and probes will go forever. Millions will be spent on a wasted
diatribe of a bipartisan "witch hunting expedition"- all of which will
be nonsense. If you're a democrat, you are going to blame the
president. If you are a republican, you are going to blame the
mayor and the governor. This is another case in point of how the
government will once again fail its people, they could have spent the
millions educating the poor and misplaced citizens of New Orleans so
that they could go out and get a new and better life, instead of wasting
it on useless blame investigations.

Well, I'm just a dumb redneck joke teller and certainly not educated
enough to run my government. I'm sure that there are plenty of people
out there who will tell me why my ideas and thoughts will not work.
Maybe I should just stick to joke telling, eh?
Martin aka the postman
Editor, The Postman's Corner.

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