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Posted: 8/28/2004 10:59:15 AM EDT
Just finished the book. For those that never read it and only saw the movie, the battle directly after LZ X-Ray, which was LZ Albany was about 20 times worse. That was some of the most savage fighting I've ever read. The chapter about the wives and kids was probably the most heartwrenching thing I've ever read too.
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Amen, Fly!

The brutality of the fighting (the NVA executed our wounded whenever they found them) is not well- represented in the movie. Albany isleft out altogether.

Geez, I just thought about John Kerry and now my blood is boiling. I have more respect for the enemy in that war than I do for Gunboat Gilligan.
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Originally Posted By Lumpy196:
In my Top 10 books. Outstanding read.

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There's a Flash movie about the manuevering of the US and VC units in that battle somewhere on the net. I had it up on the computer while watching the movie. Really helps you visualize that tactical situation, what was going on, and how masterfully Moore countered the VC's moves. Also shows where that seperated squad was and how dire their predicament was.

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One of my High School friends and shooting buddies was in the battle. He was an 11c and was awarded the Silver Star for his actions at Xray. He also painted a scene from the battle that became a US Postage Stamp. After his discharge he became a HS Art teacher. A great book.They were all heros.
Link Posted: 8/28/2004 11:40:52 AM EDT
This book was hard for me to get interested in at first because Moore and Galloway really go to great lengths on the command make up on both sides. Other than that, it was a great book. I recently read a book simply titled "Soldier" that really blew me away. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down.
Link Posted: 8/28/2004 12:06:17 PM EDT
general moore has a summer house here in bama. actually a block away from where i grew up. i used to mow his lawn. he's one hell of a nice guy.
Link Posted: 8/28/2004 12:13:02 PM EDT
Read it three times before the movie was twinkle in Gibson's eye. Awesome stuff!
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Originally Posted By raven:

Army Battalion (Green)
Units:4 or 5 | Bases:6 | Morale:Shaky | Training:Poor | Infantry AT Assault/Fire:0 / -1 | Machine Guns:4 medium, 1 Heavy | Mortars:2 Medium | Towed Weapons:1 - 57mm AT gun (size 4) | Vehicles:1 - Jeeps

Army Paratroop Battalion 1944
Units:8 | Bases:3 | Morale:Reckless | Training:Great | Infantry AT Assault/Fire:2 / 4 | Machine Guns:10 medium, 2 Heavy

Bwahahaha! Sounds about right!
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