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Posted: 11/1/2009 7:43:27 PM EST
I've always been told that garage floors are supposed to be inclined slightly towards the door, but unfortunately in my house this is not the case.

Every winter, when we park the cars in the garage, all the accumulated snow and ice melts off and accumulates on the garage floor, turning into a huge puddle/lake over time. This poses several problems but so far my only solutions have been to squeegee the water out, or use a shop vac to vacuum the water up and dump it elsewhere.

Anyone else have ideas on how to remedy this situation? Pouring a new slab isn't really an option, but is there anything that can be put on the surface to level it?
Link Posted: 11/1/2009 8:00:34 PM EST
There are large mats you can buy to park on with raised edges designed to catch spills, at least then it would be 'contained' and maybe have a chance to dry up between storms/plowing.

I have the same issue and try to stop the car outside first and get rid of all the big chunks of snow and whatnot before pulling into the garage.
Link Posted: 11/1/2009 8:33:50 PM EST
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There's no topping compound that will solve your problem without adding noticeable thickness to the slab. About the only hope you have is if the house is so new that you could complain about a cracked slab and have it replaced.

Cutting the floor to have drains installed is possible but the floor wont be right afterward, especially if they have to cut rebar/woven-wire mesh to get below the slab. I say 'if' because I don't know how close to the garage wall/foundation the puddles are, and whether a drain conduit could be snaked below the floor from outside.
Link Posted: 11/2/2009 7:40:46 AM EST
I once had a similar problem with a slab and ended up sawcutting some lines for drainage.
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