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Posted: 10/2/2011 3:15:57 AM EST
It was horrible. Now looking at the rotten tomatos I have no idea why folks are saying this is a good movie.



Boring. Dull. It was a hipster action movie.

I expect a movie titled drive, to you know have car chases and stuff. What I got was 1.5 car chases. The beginning chase was a joke, an impala that sounded good aaaaaaaand nothing else. It did build suspense but I get blue balled...nothing. The Mustang chase was good. So what the fuck happened with the rest of the movie. Actually thinking about it, it was titled correctly. I watched the main character drive the speed limit most of the movie in a Chevelle with cheese music. Also lets not forget the 1 minute stare and smile sessions with the girl. No sound, no music, just two people staring and smiling at each other. It was like watching Twilight all over again.

I thought they were going the way of 13 Assassins. Build the characters and the story in the begining and then give the watcher something worth while. I thought it was GO TIME when he put on the mask, you know claw hammer + foot stomp = epic win on some scum bags...but nothing. The only eye candy gets offed right quick and in a hurry. The ex con husband and Ron Perlman were the only people that acted in that movie.

TL;DR - Waste of money in my opinion. Dull/Boring. I was mislead by the title/commercials. Expect an artsy "action flik" highlighted by some ultra violence. Should've waited for Redbox. Should've watched Contagion/Warrior instead.

This movie reminds me of The American with clooney. If you've watched that, then you know what to expect.
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