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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/3/2005 7:01:33 AM EDT
Trimming palms Thursday morning when savagely stung by wasp who took exception to me unknowingly cutting off palm with his nest underneath.

Sting is on tender underneath of forearm closer to elbow than hand. Thursday it hurt and did not swell very much. Friday area around sting is red and swelling, arm feels pressurized - called Doctor who prescribed antibiotic (Keflex 500mg 4 X day) and antihistamine (Atarax 25mg - at bedtime only because it makes you very sleepy). Doc thinks sting is infected. Took 2 Keflex Friday 5pm/9pm, and a Atarax at bedtime. Woke up Saturday (today) and not much change. Arm is still feeling like it is pumped with pressure. Took a Keflex this morning, and will take 3 more today as prescribed.

There is some history on grandfather side with extreme reactions to stings. I have never had issues like this before and living in SW Florida I get stung often by everything from fire ants, saddleback catepillars, and many varieties of bees/wasps/etc.

Don't ask for pics because there is really nothing to see, swelling is not that noticable, and sting is just tiny little mark. The sting does not bother me, it's the swelling in that area that is uncomfortable and is concerning me.

By the way, our fresh can of wasp killer is now half empty, and all refugees have been killed.

I was expecting this to go away, not fester and stay swollen 2 days after the event. What's up with this? When will my arm stop being swollen? Who is at fault here? Why were there no warnings of danger? Is there a better remedy? Is this thread a dupe?


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