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Posted: 10/15/2001 11:49:06 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/17/2001 7:16:35 AM EST by AMHsix]
I've been looking at $1,000 or less bolt action rifle in .308Win for a bit and have narrowed it down to these three: [b]Winchester Model 70 Stealth[/b] [url]http://www.winchester-guns.com/prodinfo/catalog/md70/m70_stealth.htm[/url] [b]Remington Model 700 Police[/b] [url]http://www.remingtonle.com/rifle/700p.htm[/url] [b]FN Special Police Rifle[/b] [url]http://www.fnmfg.com/lawenf/rifle/riflemain.htm[/url] I'm leaning towards the Winchester because it holds 5 rounds in the mag, I know the FN holds 4 and I think the Remington holds 4 also. If the mags for the FN weren't $50 each, I would be leaning towards it. The Winchester's not "restricted" to LEO sales like the Remington, so my FFL should be able to locate one through his distributor(s) easily. It's also a bit cheaper then the FN. Though on the downside when carrying the rifle, it is the heaviest of them all. Which one would you choose? Reasons why or any other info is appreciated. Thanks! [:)]
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 11:52:25 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 11:53:41 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/15/2001 11:50:24 AM EST by I_Luv_Carrots]
Howa PCS ("Police-Counter-Sniper" for those who are sold on a gun by the title) About $400. Heavy Barreled .308. I have one- Bedded the action, NECO lapped the BBL, polished the bolt ways, floated the bbl channel- and it hovers 1/4-1/2 MOA with Black Hills ammo, or my Moly handloads. I use Leupold glass. THe scope costs more than the gun did, but the gun shoots well enough to justify it. Best factory trigger of any rifle in that range I have ever used, and I regurlarly embarass guys with rifles costing 3X (I've shot it against 3 PSS's- and beat them every time) as much using that little Howa.
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 11:54:29 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 11:58:49 AM EST
They all look good. Pick one. A good rifle ain't any good without good glass.
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 12:01:01 PM EST
I just got a Remingtion 700P last week and I like it alot. I put a Leupold VariX-3 6.5-20x50 Long Range Target scope on it, and I lightnend up the trigger a bit, I have been getting sub-moa groups with it, I shot 100 rounds out of it so far.
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 12:04:25 PM EST
You could add the Remington 700 VS to your list and probably save a buck or two. I understand it is the same rifle as the 700P with a slightly different stock, and should be direct competition to the Winchester you favor. I will second brouha's comments on the 700P. I can consistently get 3/4 MOA off the bipod (counting the flyers) and most are sub 1/2 MOA. I definitely feel my groups would drop to 1/2 MOA or less if I went to sand bags. That is with a bone stock 700P right out of the box. A smoothed up trigger would insure the rifle was way more accurate than me. Frankly, I'd expect any of the rifles your looking at to come close to this though, so it is really a matter of personal preference. If you shop the web for a 700P you should be able to find one for around $750 or less.
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 12:04:51 PM EST
what about a nice steyr SSG ? i never saw an SSG that wasnt a tac driver you should be able to find a nice one for about $1200.00
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 12:05:26 PM EST
Originally Posted By I_Luv_Carrots: Howa PCS ("Police-Counter-Sniper" for those who are sold on a gun by the title).
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If you notice, the 3 rifles I mentioned basically all look alike. I can't find any pics of the Howa's, so I don't know if they have the look I like. I know I can switch out stocks and stuff, but if I can just buy/order it the way I want it it's a bit easier for me.
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 12:05:51 PM EST
Those darn bolt action "assault rifles"... Oh wait, get the Howa. Fun gun and rocks people's minds when you use it properly. Ice
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 12:06:15 PM EST
Howa has a lot going for it 5 rd cap. 60 deg. bolt. I only wish they offered a 26 inch barrel. You can also buy the Howa barreled actions and put it in a good stock. Also don't over look the Rem 700vs you can add a lot of swilves for the price differance.
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 12:06:34 PM EST
FN Police. A GREAT Rifle Bulldog OUT
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 12:07:39 PM EST
Dude, I know you don't know me but TRUST me when I say Howa for the money. It just can't be beat for that price, and keeps pace with PSS's if you can. I mean, with a little handwork and the right loads, it was shooting like a ROBAR. The gun really is something else.
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 12:07:58 PM EST
You are better off to build one. I have a Rem 700 action coming in for $225 this week.Barrel is $275 with a match chamber and installed.HS stock can be bought on Ebay for $130.Worked on Rem 700 trigger is $30.email me for instructions on a crisp 40 ounce trigger. The 700 P rifles have sloppy chambers and only good barrels. The FN barrels are not great and the triggers need work-fairly easy though. I am amazed at how well they all shoot.I guess we are getting spoiled and nitpicky
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 12:10:38 PM EST
Originally Posted By po89mm: what about a nice steyr SSG ? i never saw an SSG that wasnt a tac driver you should be able to find a nice one for about $1200.00
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I really like the SSG PI & PII, but I really should keep this rifle under $1,000.
Link Posted: 10/15/2001 12:34:51 PM EST
Question, are you looking for a sniper rifle or a glorified varmint rifle. If "one shot one kill" is, as it used to be, the idea, who needs a heavy barrel? Now I do like the idea of a more than one round mag, but most sporter weight barrels are plenty accurate. I have a Savage 110 in 30-06 that shoots 1/2 MOA with a 5 shot group, each shot fired from a clean, cold barrel. Its that first shot form a clean cold barrel that counts. Both in hunting or in sniping. If however you want to shoot prarie dogs, than by all means, a heavy barrel is needed, to disapate the heat of rapid shooting action. My .223 has a heavy barrel it is a varmint gun, and a darn good one. It weighs more than the Savage, and I would hate to have to carry it on a long range patrol. A heavy barrel is all the rage on sniper rifles today. Seems the M1D I used had a standered weight barrel. Just food for thought. Bear with me spell checker seems to be down [sniper]
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