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Posted: 8/24/2005 4:40:38 PM EDT
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Questions from other members : DETGEP Industries Gas Saving Device ! L@@K ! NO RESERVE Item number: 7993916387

Question & Answer Answered On

Q: Will this save my clutch at all???? I tend to wear my clutch pretty fast being as i drive like i buy.

A: I tend to wear pants.

Q: Je voulais juste te dire chapeau mon grand faire de l'argent avec un bout de bois. Le plus haut qui à bidder est un américain. Ha!ha! j'espere qu'il n'y aura pas quelqu'un du québec ou du canada qui vont bidder, on aurait l'ère cave en maudit!! ARGENT facile:)))

A: Hehe merci. PS: Tu as vu le link où?

Q: Do you have a spokeperson? I have allways wanted to be a spokeperson... but usually I don't have anything to say. If you have anything you want me to say, let me know. otherwise mums the word.

A: Are you Jacques Villeneuve? If you are, you can be it ! Just talk to people about how much gas you save while loosing the race!

Q: I recently purchased this product from you. It smells like crap. I was wonderin if you could send me a new product in preferably a strawberry scent. Also what are the trejectory specs of this product? I'd like to know if it would crank you in the side of the head from Canaduh

A: Did you order it in a custom color? If the custom color is brown, we had a few problems with the "company" who "sold us" the "paint".

Q: Im thinking about donating several of your DETGEP devices to my local police department, Will they fit on cop cars ?

A: We have a special one, 3 times thicker, made especially for Crown Victorias !

Q: Can this device be hollowed out to smuggle drugs across the border? Not by me, but a guy I met in a bar asked so I though I'd pass the question on. Can I get the device engraved "This device in its entirety (including everything inside) remains the legal (or illegal) property of DETGEP Industries" Can I get a hole in it so I can have sex on a Saturday night.

A: Yes, no, and definitely, we explain how in the manual.

Q: Since you are on the moon, does this product work in space? And what type of shipping do you offer from the moon? Can I get Second Day Shuttle? If I buy two, can I save on shipping? It's not like I'd have to pay for the extra weight!!! thanks!!!

A: Yes this product works in space just as it works underwater. However, we don't have car or gas up here so it's kind of pointless. Just tell me on what continent you live and I'll throw both of them real real hard for free!

Q: Strongbad, now your selling stuff on ebay? ... love your email on http://www.homestarrunner.com What do you look like when you drive a car? Do you wear the mask? Has Marzipan been in the back seat? Good luck selling your wood.

A: I'm strongbad's brother.. I don't wear gloves.. Plus, I don't wear a gay red suit. I'll get marzipan on YOUR back seat if you bid 1000$! Or maybe I won't !

Q: yo tu vends un boute de bois... wow . 10 piace de ship en plus ? asti dbeau crosseur.

A: Yo. Asti que t'es cave pis que ton sens de l'humour est hot en asti. PS: Fuck you

Q: Will I be able to see INCREDIBLE demonstrations of this AMAZING MIRACLE product on a three-hour long late-night cable infomercial?

A: YES ! We're looking for volunteers who laugh at shitty jokes and clap at crappy crap !

Q: Wir sind der Oberste Kult der deutschen Ingenieure! Wir taunt Ihr dummes Produkt und beabsichtigen, es zu wiederholen und es in China vom niedrig-zahlenden Norwegan Mexikaner herstellen zu lassen, der flockige Hüte trägt. Wenn Sie versuchen, alles über es zu tun, wir Willetaunt Sie ein Zweites Mal. Was denken Sie an das? Huh?

A: Ich denke, daß, wenn Sie das tun, wir unsere Mannschaft von ninjas senden, um Ihr Bier zu treten homosexuelle Kolben trinkend (unsere ninjas sind auch Rechtsanwälte)

Q: If I, uh, yeah! Uh, put it, you know, there, will it, uh...Never mind...

A: YES it will be VERY VERY FUN if you do that. Very fun for US as we watch you SUFFER of course.

Q: i think your product is great. I was wondering if you do wholesale i like to sale it in my store..

A: Yes we do, we even have great plans for our retailers! PS: If you own Walmart, we won't do business with you, filthy hoe!

Q: How many MPG will this save me?

A: A few MPGs and a lot of JPGs !

Q: Do you have one of these to fit a BMW motorcycle?

A: I'm sick of answering questions about bikes.

Q: The buzz on Wallstreet is that your company is planning to halt production of the current model and release a similar version of this product in brick form rumored to be so versatile that will become the Swiss Army Knife of the automotive world. I'm told that it can be used atop the gas pedal as a cruise control for vehicles not originally equipped or it can be used atop the pedal to rapidly warm up your car's engine on cold winter mornings not to mention being used to fend off would be car jackers and the list goes on and on...Would you care to comment on the validity of these rumors? My rich uncle died and I'm looking to invest

A: It may or may not be true, or not !! To invest, BID ! Every 1000$ slice will give you 1 share, so if you buy the device for 10 000$, we give you 10 shares too!!

Q: this is an amazing product. but i was wondering if you had anything that will help me to reduce emissions while i'm saving fuel? thanks, -DeXteR

A: This product will make your car more hippie friendly by producing less crap as it burns less fuel!

Q: Is it patented ? Cause there's some true market for such a device !

A: Patent pending !!

Q: Let me guess, is the car in the picture a, Maxima?

A: Yes, a Maxima 1996 SE Manual owned by one of the cofounders of DETGEP Enterprises.

Q: How much will I save on brake fluid if I put that amasing device under brake pedal?

A: You will save 100% of EVERYTHING and maybe create 100 000$ for your family as you hit a wall! Might void your life insurance though.

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