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Posted: 12/21/2009 6:54:22 PM EDT
Wal-Mart sucks. I go in there to get the last of my christmas shopping done. As I walk back to the electronics aisle, I can hear faint screaming coming from the toy area. Kids are everywhere. Im in Burton, so the folk out there are a bit "different". There is a creepy song playing overtop broken speakers. I pick out what I need, and proceed to the toy aisle to find a spongebob toy for my niece. Kids are ripping open packages like hyenas on a zebra. Parents are screaming that they will beat there kids, and some nancy liberal is counting to 3 with her son who is beating a kid with a plastic hammer. A 2 year old decides it would be cool to puke on himself. 1 lost kid is going santa hunting, and is trying to find the fat man in a red suit. All that and I cant find a friggin Spongebob Squarepants toy for my niece. As i proceed to the checkout, the lines are 10 people deep and they only have 3 of the 20 lanes open. Why have the lanes if they arent open? I then get the Mother of All Coupon Users in front of me. They lady has a whole manila envelope full of them. This holds up my life even more. When I finally get to check out, they need my ID. Where is it at? In my truck, from my ordeal and Gander Mountain. I am able to convince the senile checkout lady that its ok, that Adam is my real name, and that I am not trying to steal $34 from a different Adam. Happy Holidays!

FWIW, no ammo excepy shotgun target loads and over priced .223
Link Posted: 12/21/2009 7:01:55 PM EDT
Cool story bro
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