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Posted: 3/16/2001 8:06:33 PM EDT
Match and a Supermatch.

Is there a big difference in accuracy that will justify the cost of the Supermatch?

Opinions and suggestion are welcome.


A. Reyes
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 8:43:58 PM EDT
I personally dont see spending the extra money for the super match, but then again I've had some damned accurate rifles and they do me no good since I cant hold them steady enough to see the difference (DCM shoots) Now sandbagging is a different story. only my humble shakey opinion.
Link Posted: 3/16/2001 8:55:01 PM EDT
 Go to

 Once there go to the Duty Roster, and post your question. You will receive alot of feedback from those guys if you ask the right questions.
 One fellow in particular who goes by the handle of BRAVO shoots an M1A based rig, and should be able to help you with any thing that you want to know.

Link Posted: 3/16/2001 9:38:09 PM EDT
The major difference is the barrel.  A NM gun will do just about anything you could want.  If you're willing to spend the money a Supermatch costs, do this instead:  get a double-lugged Springfield receiver, send it to Fulton Armory and have Clint McKee build you a Peerless.  You'll get a better rifle with all GI parts instead of Springfield's mishmash of GI and cast parts (the spendier match guns seem to have more cast parts than the standard M1A's).  Also try www.gunandknife.com, M14 forum.
Link Posted: 3/17/2001 12:08:00 AM EDT
ASR, I was just wondering what kind of shooting you will be doing?

I did the battle over the NM and SM less than 2 months ago. After handling a few Springfields I totally changed my mind.

I was looking for an [b]accurate[/b] range rifle that I could double as a whitetail/hunting gun. My mind was set on the National/Super Match models, then I got to try them all. The stocks were {b]really[/b] wide and bulky when compared to the old GI models.

I ended up getting the 'Loaded' model which also has the heavy target barrel and NM trigger. It is lighter, and the dimensions seem much more friendly.

If you're looking for a 'High-Power Competition' rifle, definately go with the NM/SM. But if you just want an accurate hunting rifle, check out the 'Loaded' models.

Mine fell(gifted) into the hands of my father who hadn't touched an M14/M1A since early Vietnam(101st='63-'67). I ended up buying an AR for myself(3rd ID='93-'97).  

I wish I'd known about the Limited Edition, 'Loaded' laminated stock versions before I bought mine. They are still available, but the price is $1,599 through Hoplite. That is about the same as the NM. Good Luck
Link Posted: 3/17/2001 4:51:47 AM EDT
I paid 1599 for the loaded model. SS barrel. I live in NY everything is sky high here. It is a great gun. I did 1moa with gold medal match ammo. Then somebody at the range gave me 3 of his reloads I did .5 group. Great rifle
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