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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/28/2002 3:23:16 PM EST
Bush Willing to Consider Returning Saudi Detainees Mon Jan 28, 5:58 PM ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush said on Monday he was willing to consider Saudi Arabia's request to return on a case-by-case basis the 100 Saudis who are among 158 Afghan war detainees at a U.S. base in Cuba, but U.S. officials doubted this would happen any time soon. blah blah blah... [url]http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=584&u=/nm/20020128/pl_nm/attack_detainees_dc_1[/url]
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 3:25:06 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 3:32:55 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 3:38:08 PM EST
More like Royal Saudi ass kissing again if you ask me. Weren't they going to kick out the US Military just last week?
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 3:38:41 PM EST
Originally Posted By shotar: I wouldn't be too bothered by this one. The saudis have usually dealt with those we considered and accused of terrorism by interrogation followed by beheading. Their trial system is really pretty quick and not really encumbered with things like rights and lawyers and such.
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That being the case we should interrogate them Saudi style and send them home for seconds and a good beheading! [beer]
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 3:39:51 PM EST
Wring 'em dry like a washrag, then send 'em back to whence they came! Preferably with some photos of some nancy boyz tucked in their turbans. Eric The(OrAPhotoOfAFemaleAnkleShouldDoTheTrick)Hu­n[>]:)]
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 4:09:39 PM EST
There's nothing, in this case, wrong with GWB. When you read the article there's enough "weasel-words" to make a criminal defense attorney wince. (Alright, alright, maybe not a criminal defense attorney,)
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 4:21:33 PM EST
The Saudis don't have any damn human rights issues. They'll cut there arms off or something. And we don't have to pay for them. Make room for the phillipinos we are gonna start having as guest. Keving67
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 5:01:26 PM EST
I told you guys that this whole detainee thing was a big mistake. It's become too political and too public. And for what? What are they going to do with those guys when they're throught with them? Turn them over to Castro?
Link Posted: 1/28/2002 9:01:02 PM EST
He said he might... He never said how... Perhaps via air drop from 10K feet into the Persian Gulf, say about 10 miles offshore. Anybody who survives that should be free to go.
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