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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/16/2002 12:12:21 PM EST
These excerpts are from an article by WSOC-TV's undercover reporter Dave Flaherty. This is from November 2001 and may be old news but what the heck. It's anti-gun show propganda. QUOTE [b] "Inside the shows you will find every weapon imaginable and plenty of people willing to buy, sell and trade." [/b] Mr. Flaherty is implying you can buy claymore mines, Patriot missiles and tactical suitcase nukes along with Remington 870s. QUOTE [b] " 9 Investigates did see a lot of people and police at the gunshows but few of them trying to stop suspected gun sales." [/b] To Mr. Flaherty EVERY sale is suspect. You can't buy that! That's a gun! Put it back! QUOTE [b] " In Asheville (NC,) at a show 3 women bragged about the business they had done that morning. Those women sold eight guns in 30 minutes and are not required by law to ask for a purchase permit." [/b] YOU GO GIRLS!!!!! Keep selling at the Asheville Civic Center! (I live near Asheville). We need more pro-gun babes. QUOTE [b]" Theres no background check for individual sales of shotguns and rifles and Captain Pummell thinks thats a problem." [/b] What kind of problem Capt. Pummell? You're obviously in favor of de-facto registration. My 870 isn't a problem and I can sell it if I want to! Source: WSOC-TV Charlotte Eyewitness News CRC
Link Posted: 7/16/2002 1:33:36 PM EST
Channel swine(9) sucks,always has, always will
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