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Posted: 10/16/2004 9:32:50 AM EDT

Letter, phone call, or e-mail?
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 9:34:15 AM EDT

Link Posted: 10/16/2004 9:47:03 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/16/2004 9:51:03 AM EDT by 444slayer]
From the rooftops? Did I just say that? It was a question.........

I have always heard a letter is the best. Emails are too easy to delete, and you will never get to them with a phone call. I have gotten personal responses from the letters I have written.
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 9:55:20 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/16/2004 10:00:02 AM EDT by Happyshooter]
Not joking, not kidding around:

Number one best way is in person at a fund raising event.

Number two is to meet him in person at a regular event or in his office with a petition signed by a big chunk of his voters (1% is good, 5% would be great), in addition to signatures you have them write their addresses and the last two elections they voted in.

Either one of those two will get you some attention without an organization behind you.
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 9:55:39 AM EDT
Go to one of their "town meetings" when they're back in town and talk to them face to face. Otherwise the letter is the best way. They usually will write or often times call back (at their convenience), and you can chat away all you want.
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 10:13:14 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 10:25:31 AM EDT

Originally Posted By brasspile:
Well, Daschle is coming to where I work Monday and a small group (50) can "chat" with him for an hour.

Be sure to ask gun grabbing lying little prick him if he plans on lobbying & taking kickbacks from working for Boeing after Thune is sworn in come January
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 10:27:13 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 12:03:56 PM EDT

Make them wait in the lobby when they're coming over to pick up their bribe.
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 12:06:08 PM EDT

+1 ..... and also the reason why you will ultimatly be governed by criminals, for example: Look at Mexico.
Link Posted: 10/16/2004 12:06:23 PM EDT

In Montana it used to be common practice to deal with traitors to the constitution by sending them bullets in the mail.

They would get the message.


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