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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/12/2001 5:47:25 PM EST
I think that everyone should look at what the terrorists meant by their attack on the US Tuesday. The arrogance in their choice for an attack shows in that they only used razors blades to take people hostage. They did not employ any of the weapons that we believe they they have access to. With the breakdown of the Soviet Union, weapons of mass destruction have been on sale on the black market and it is my belief that the terrorist who have orchestrated this attack will also have the ability to use these weapons at their discretion. for a good website that has info on these weapons (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical), check www.fas.org Of course those who have been on these boards for a long time have seen these threats for years. Unfortunately, the rest of the American people seem to be sheep only to be prey for the wolves of this world. IN response to this attack I think that the US must use extreme discretion to who we retaliate, but when that force is directed, it should be with pure wrath, so as to show the world that we are fair to find those responsible and punish them. I do believe that this should include those countries harboring terrorists, but only on their military and economic assets. To attack their civilians would distance us form the allies that we do have and put us in a worse situation than we have allowed ourselves to slip into. The next targets that they choose to hit will be with no restraint and if we do not put a stop to their actions, it will begin to erode the freedom and security that everyone has enjoyed. I would like everyone's comments and criticisms and my experience with this board is that I should get plenty [sex] I look forward to your responses.
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