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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/1/2002 4:41:31 PM EST
Million Mom lady alledgedly assaults a pro-gun demonstrator. Not sure how old this is, but here's the link. "Her department has received five sworn affidavits from witnesses who say Trine struck Keifer with a clipboard, causing him a minor facial injury." [url]http://www.deeswatch.com/newgunlawsbyforce.html[/url]
Link Posted: 5/1/2002 4:55:45 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/1/2002 5:10:46 PM EST
sort of like the (other?) million mom marcher who had something like FIVE handguns in her house. i don't remember the details, but for some reasons i'm thinking that not all of them were legal. or i could just be mixing up story details. that's been known to happen. anyhow, proof that there's no logic in their thinking and no substance to their stance.
Link Posted: 5/1/2002 5:20:52 PM EST
Originally Posted By ARLady: sort of like the (other?) million mom marcher who had something like FIVE handguns in her house. i don't remember the details, but for some reasons i'm thinking that not all of them were legal.
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Bigoted Moms Tempered Source: National Review Online Published: May 11, 2001 Author: David Kopel [...] At last year's Mother's Day event in Denver, Jeff Wright was peacefully carrying a sign expressing his support of the Second Amendment, an action the First Amendment affirms is his right. One woman wearing a "Million Mom" T-shirt walked up and spat on him. In Fort Collins last August, the "Million" Mom group advertised a "public" meeting, so a small group of civil arms activists, led by Bob Glass, showed up to take notes. Million Mom member Cherie Trine described Glass's group to Boulder Weekly columnist Wayne Laugesen as "a neo-Nazi group that wants to terrorize the whole community. They're very anti-Semitic, anti-gay, racist people. They might as well be wearing KKK caps. They're like the people who hate government and want to bomb federal buildings." In fact, Glass is a Jew who advocates civil rights for everyone and denounces acts of violence. Apparently, Trine's demonization of Glass and his friends made it easier for her to strike one of them with a clipboard, resulting in her subsequent arrest. Assaults and other violence by Million Mom members have been documented in other places, including Philadelphia. In one case the Second Amendment Sisters found their property destroyed. No one is suggesting that the Million Mom organization directly advocated the assaults, property damage, or spitting. But the Million Mom group does foment a climate of rage and intolerance. And there is no indication that the Million Mom March has denounced the criminal conduct by its members or taken steps to remove those members. When the Colorado Million Mom March was asked what actions were taken concerning Cherie Trine, the representative replied, "no comment." [...] ..was Barbara Graham. Several weeks later, Ms. Graham was arrested for shooting 22-year-old Kikko Smith in the spine, paralyzing him. Graham incorrectly thought that Smith was connected to the murder of her own son. When Graham's home was searched pursuant to her arrest, four handguns were found, including a TEC-9. How did the MMM react to Graham's arrest for gun violence? The Washington Post reported that "the women from Million Moms are backing her at her trial." The jury, however, convicted her of aggravated assault with intent to kill. Now imagine that a speaker at the biggest rally in NRA history was arrested for shooting an innocent person in a plainly unjustified act of (misdirected) revenge, just a few weeks after the rally. And suppose that the NRA "stood by" the shooter who had paralyzed an innocent young man. You'd hear howls of protests against the NRA from Boston to Honolulu, and those protests would be justified. NRA memberships would plummet, and gun rights advocates would desert it, and instead join gun policy groups which didn't tolerate criminal violence. [...]
Link Posted: 5/1/2002 5:26:30 PM EST
yeah, that's it. she shot somebody. i knew there was more than just possession. and she didn't even do it in self defense but pure unmitigated revenge. [rolleyes] well, after her felony conviction, we'll see how easy she thinks it is for criminals to get guns.
Link Posted: 5/1/2002 5:42:42 PM EST
I was called "asshole" by a MillionMomMarcher while she had her arm around her ~12 year old daughter. It was one my my finest hours. I'll bear the mental scarring with pride always.
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