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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/5/2006 12:57:19 PM EST
Does anybody own one of those massive Vietnam-era Night Vision Scopes? Any pics? How good do they work? How do they mount? How are they zeroed?
Link Posted: 1/5/2006 1:01:03 PM EST
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My brother-in-law who was in SF says they kick ass.

Link Posted: 1/5/2006 1:21:25 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/5/2006 1:27:54 PM EST

Originally Posted By Lightning_P38:
My unit had some of those in the early ninties, they were junk compared to what else is available. If you hust have to have a NV sight I would recomend one of the Russian second or third gen sets, they are way better and probably a third the price.

All of that only applies to them when comparing them functionally to what is available today. As far as collector pieces they are pretty cool, and occupy a very interesting place in the history of warfare. Those early devices had such an impact on how the military percieved night warfare, it changed the way they did business. The success of those devices in Viet Nam paved the way for a shift in US Military doctrine that lead to the US ownign the night on the battlefield.

Russians don't make Gen III devices, and their Gen II stuff isn't comparable to our Gen II equipment. I'd be willing to bet that a guy could get along fine with a PVS2-at least you can get parts and service for it.... What do you do when a Russian NVD takes a shit?

Dave (who just Luuvvvs his American Made night vision)
Link Posted: 1/5/2006 2:11:26 PM EST
I purchased a PVS-2 in early 1999. It's rather large and heavy, but still has the original 4 AA batteries I put in it. Works just fine on lighter nights, but on a very dark/cloudy night it's not as good. Resolution isn't really bad considering it's as old as it is. On an "average" night I have been able to see people at 100 or more yards with it. IIRC they actually recordes kills out to 600 meters with them in Vietnam, but I would think that would have to be under ideal circumstances.

Any bright spot will leave a streak - if you pass it by a radio tower with a light on the top for instance - that lasts for a few moments. Lind of passing your eyes past a real bright light and then closing them - you still see the streak from the light. IIRC this was an issue when firing tracers because the streak would stay for a much longer period from repeated firings and the scope would eventually become blind.

I have found that when you turn the scope off you can still se an image for several minutes - perhaps something inside the scope stays charged or soomething - but it still works for a while when shut off.

An annoying trait of the scope is that it makes a high pitched wining tone when turned on. It goes away as soon as you turn it off, and I don't know what causes it, but it could give you away if someone came close to you.

The mount that came with mine was meant for an M-14 and mates quite nicely to an M1A. Unfortunatly, it is of the quick detachable throw lever type and I can't throw it far enough to tighten it. It works fine on the GI fiberglass stock I have but the National Match Walnut stock I keep on the rifle is wider and the throw lever makes contact. They are large and heavy and really throws off the balance of your rifle, but they do seem durable.

The reticle is shaped like a "T" witht he top of the vertical line the aiming point. The horizonntal line is broken so it doesn't obstruct your view too much. It is small and rather faint so it can be difficult to see at times. There are regular windage and elevation knobs on it for adjustments.


Link Posted: 1/5/2006 2:17:18 PM EST
My dad was a Army Ranger in the Vietnam war, He said they were big and heavy and that they sucked.
Link Posted: 1/5/2006 2:23:23 PM EST
AN/PVS-2. They have a piece that can be changed out from 5.56mm to 7.62mm. I wouldn't spend a great deal of money on one. They are very old technology, with tube technology being surpassed by $200 monoculars that can be bought at Wal-Mart, not to mention the fact that they are heavy and very cumbersome.
Link Posted: 1/5/2006 2:38:40 PM EST
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