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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/1/2005 10:27:38 PM EDT
Well, got there early and it was pretty quiet all day. Michigan/Michigan State football and opening day of Deer/bow Hunting kept a lot of people away. Which was good for me, not so good for the dealers, however a few good deals were worth it.

First, I took in a 800 round case of Olympic I had bought last fall and talked to the vendor, surprisingly, he offered to swap it out for some Adcom SS109. Said Oly ended up recalling it as it was S--t. Was great about it and a big +1 for good vendors.

Second, bought a very nice FN/Imbal FAL for the princely sun of 400 bucks. Metric, and tho it was a kit I am sure, it headspaced out fine and the BBL looked NEW, had some grenade sight on the front of it but I will end up taking that off. Bought that off a guy heading inside. I was later approched by a vendor while carrying it and was asked if I just bought it. He said I stole it as he had made an offer and the guy was coming back in to sell it to him. I did not know that so I don't feel bad. Bought some Lake City 30 carbine on strippers. 65 dated for 75 bucks per 500. Very nice shape stuff. We'll see how it shoots. Bought a few Metric FAL mags and some Russian AK mags. Nowhere as many around as last show.

Talked with a few vendors about 7.62x39 ammo. All said it IS available but it is NOT coming in country in large quantities for some reason. A few reasons were given, from customs to non availability of CU. They flat out said the reasons given are BS but they don't know the real reason either.

I found out who built my Navy Trophy Match Garand, Armorer on the navy team by the name of Charlie Frazer. He built it in 67 or 68. He built about 25 or so of them. Cool Info. The BBL is supposed to be one from a special run. The guy has never pulled my leg before and when I bought it a while ago he could not remember his name. He knew it but it had slipped his mind at the time. Anyone ever heard of him?

All in all a good day, and I am pretty happy. Was not looking foward to pulling almost 800 bullets from the oly and demilling them. Had my reloader look at them and he said a few things popped up, first the brass is way to soft,second, the primer crimps are very pooply done which was causing the primers to pop out.
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