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Posted: 3/15/2011 2:50:05 PM EST
Anyone have any experience with this. I dont need the real time tracking just want to put the device in the car and upload the results to the pc
Link Posted: 3/15/2011 3:33:30 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/15/2011 3:34:42 PM EST by diaz_aa]
Spying are we?

ETA: If you have a smartphone their are apps for that. Throw your phone in (insert inconspicuous area) and retrieve phone later.
Link Posted: 3/15/2011 3:35:39 PM EST
no phone sorry
Link Posted: 3/15/2011 3:45:27 PM EST
there are several commercial solutions - for personal/business usage

things to consider
- ownership of the vehicle.
- accuracy of the GPS
- type / placement / powering of device
- use of the data, in court/in an argument / etc
- subject/employee knowledge of monitoring/ etc
- device cost and replacement cost/ monitoring system / computer program requirements
- your knowledge/ability to install / maintain / remove

there are a few people here who have experience with these sorts of things, if this is for a crim matter - i would let the police do their thing
Link Posted: 3/15/2011 4:15:32 PM EST
no found wife in a few not so truths I own the car
Link Posted: 3/15/2011 4:20:55 PM EST
"Whenever there is a doubt then there is no doubt." ––Sam
Link Posted: 3/15/2011 4:22:18 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/15/2011 4:22:58 PM EST
And when you track her to a specific address - THEN what do you plan to do?

If its time to go - then its time to go.

Link Posted: 3/15/2011 4:36:57 PM EST
Don't buy a live tracking device. IT is more than you want. Look for a GPS logger. Much cheaper and some come with free mapping software or they tie directly into Google Earth.
Link Posted: 3/15/2011 5:10:55 PM EST
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