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Posted: 9/15/2005 7:18:30 PM EDT
This guy is seriously messed up in his head. It's a long article, so I only pasted the first part.


HAYWARD, WIS. – In an emotional end to the trial of Chai Soua Vang, he testified this afternoon that three of the hunters he killed deserved to die.

Vang, charged with killing six hunters and wounding two others in a confrontation over trespassing last November, testified that two of the hunters deserved to die because they called him names.

"Why did Mr. [Robert] Crotteau deserve to die?" asked Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlauger, the lead prosecutor.

"Because he was the one who confronted me and called me names, and that's who he is," said Vang, 36, of St. Paul.

Regarding Crotteau's son Joseph, 20, Vang said he deserved to die "because he accused me of giving him the finger and tried to cut in front of me to stop me from leaving."

Allan Laski deserved to die because he had a gun, Vang said. He acknowledged that the Crotteaus did not have guns, or at least he did not see them with guns. Elsewhere in Vang's testimony he said he believed he had to shoot all the hunters there because they might be running to get guns to come after him.

Vang's testimony this afternoon left both his family and members of the victims' families looking tearful and stunned.

Later, in an unexpected show of grief and emotion, Vang's mother, Sao Vang, issued a statement outside the courthouse in which she thanked the community of Hayward and law enforcement for their kindness and extended her condolences to the families of the victims.

"I join you in your grief and will mourn your loss for the rest of my life," she said in a statement read by her granddaughter Kia Vang, who is the daughter of Chai Vang.

Soa Vang stood by her side with tears in her eyes. She had her granddaughter read for her because she does not speak English. The family met with reporters after a tearful conversation with Chai Vang in the courtroom after the jury was excused.

Vang and several of his children cried as he spoke to them in Laotian, and at one point he dropped to his knees. Family members said he was praying.

Earlier, Vang testified that the deer hunters surrounded him, yelled at him and that one fired a rifle at him before he returned fire.

While admitting that he only saw one of the hunters holding a gun during the initial confrontation, he said he shot others as they scrambled to get away because he was afraid they were running to get guns and to get help so they could hunt him down.

"Now Mr. Vang, at the time this was all going on, what were you thinking?" asked defense attorney Jonathan Smith.

Vang replied: "I'm afraid, scary. Are they after me? Are they coming to shoot me? I was afraid for my life."

Vang said he was acting in self defense, although prosecutors say this is belied by the fact that all but one of the hunters was unarmed and because Vang didn't try to contact authorities afterward, and didn't mention the fatal confrontation when he ran into other hunters.
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